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» » 100 Hut Walks in the Alps
100 Hut Walks in the Alps


Kev Reynolds


100 Hut Walks in the Alps



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Cicerone Pr Ltd (May 1, 2001)




Specialty Travel



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100 Hut Walks in the Alps by Kev Reynolds

Located amid some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, the chain of mountain huts strung right across the Alps make exciting and worthwhile destinations for walks of all degrees of seriousness as well as a memorable overnight's accommodation. Huts come in all shapes and sizes from simple unmanned bivouac shelters to bustling mountain inns with hot showers and restaurant service, where walkers can enjoy a degree of comfort without the burdens of backpacking equipment. Extending in a huge arc of more than 1000km (620 miles) form the Mediterranean Coast near Nice to the low, wooded foothills outside Vienna, the Alps display the full gamut of mountain landscape features. With such a varied panoply of dramatic and spectacular scenery, there's nothing remotely comparable anywhere else in Europe - maybe in the World - and for two centuries and more walkers. Mountaineers and general tourists have been flocking there in increasing numbers, and coming away enriched. This book is a guide to just 100 walks out of the many thousands possible, with a geographical span that ranges from the Maritime Alps of southern France to the Julians of Slovenia, from Italy's Grand Paradiso to the little- known Turnitzer Alps of Eastern Austria, from the ice- bound giants of the Bernese Oberland to the green rolling Kitzbuheler Alps and the bizarre towers of the Dolomites of South Tirol, the routes having been especially selected in an attempt to show the amazing diversity of this wonderful mountain chain. There are walks to suit every taste: gentle and undemanding, long and tough, and everything in between. Most of the routes avoid climbing of a technical nature, beyond the odd scramble aided by a fixed rope. Glacier crossings where crevasses lurk for the unwary have also been avoided in the main, although just a small handful of walks stray onto ice in order to reach a distant hut. And it is, of course, the huts which give this collection a unique flavour.
This book contains trail descriptions of some one day tracks in the Alps.
It doesn't - tell you how to get public transport or drive to / from any of the tracks. Fail.
The track descriptions just tell you what's on the trackā€¦once you're there, you can see that anyway. Pointless.
This is a book on HUT walks and yet from the information provided you can rarely piece together a multi-day walk that leads from one hut to another. It is though the author is just sending you on a walk to have lunch at the huts and then walk back to the start of the track at the end of the day. Each walk is treated as though it is a one day walk and building a book about hut walks in this way is just stupid. Just make a book about one day walks OR make a book about walking hut-to-hut. Don't confuse the two.
The maps are not helpful. What is wanted is a master map that shows all the huts listed and the trails walking between them. This book doesn't have it.
I attempted some of the walks from the book, saw how unhelpful the book was and then threw the book away.
If you too are hoping for a hut-to-hut resource, if you can, use the alpine club sites of the various countries. Some have translations in english, some don't. Plan well ahead as the sites too have their limitations, but they are far superior to this book. E.g. try out the Swiss one at:
Kev Reynolds and Cicerone can be relied on to do a thorough job.

Hiking guidebooks require meticulous attention to detail, and this book appears to have it fully sorted.
100 Hut Walks in the Alps, Kev Reynolds is the "Gold Standard" for his writings on anything involving Hiking and the Swiss Alps.
Bought this in anticipation of some hut to hut hiking in Switzerland this summer. I've only browsed it, since it's not the kind of book you read cover to cover, but it appears to be very well organized and useful as a reference....exactly what I was looking for.

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