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» » Prom Queen Geeks (A Queen Geek Social Club Novel)
Prom Queen Geeks (A Queen Geek Social Club Novel)


Laura Preble


Prom Queen Geeks (A Queen Geek Social Club Novel)


Teen & Young Adult

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Berkley (September 2, 2008)




Literature and Fiction



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Prom Queen Geeks (A Queen Geek Social Club Novel) by Laura Preble

The Queen Geeks take on the prom queens in the third of the Queen Geek novels, hailed as "thoroughly enjoyable." (Kliatt) The Queen Geek Social Club includes a first generation geek, a tattooed misfit, a goth poetess, a mathlete, and an exchange student. And together they're so out, they're almost in It's prom season, and Green Pines High is split between those who can afford the tickets and those who can't. So the Queen Geeks plan a low-cost Geek Prom. It'll be loads of work, especially when the popular kids do everything they can to stop it. Friendships will be tested and boyfriends jilted. But when they expand the Geek Prom, hoping to make this the biggest prom on record, the girls will realize they're fighting for geeks everywhere.
She's now read all the Queen Geek books and loved them all. Thank you for putting out quality reading material for this reading demographic. They are all too often overlooked/underestimated!
It's been awhile since The Queen Geek Social Club has taken their next step in trying to conquer the world. And Becca is getting pretty antsy about the sudden lack of ideas.

Desperately trying to become sane once again, she's on the hunt to find that one thing that everyone is crazy about. Is it just a coincidence or luck that prom season has just arrived?

Despite the constant reminders from Fletcher and Carl, Shelby and Becca aren't too sure they want to accompany their boyfriends to the worst social event in the history of high school. Although Shelby actually wouldn't mind going with Fletcher, who is a shoo-in for court, choosing Fletcher's side could possibly push Becca over the edge, and we all know what kind of trouble that would cause.

What's Becca's solution to this problem? Geek Prom! The first ever prom that isn't about the fancy dresses, the overpriced tickets, and the need to become the queen and king for one night. Sure, it may take some time and lots of effort to complete this mission, especially when certain people, including boyfriends, aren't so hot on the idea that it is to be held on the same night as the "normal" prom.

All the Queen Geeks seem perfectly fine with this plan - who would dare cross Becca? Maybe Shelby? Trying to sustain her relationship with Fletcher while tending to Becca's crazy idea isn't the easiest thing in the world.

Of course, Shelby isn't the only one with love troubles. Carl is definitely not happy with Becca, but who needs him when the newest queen geek, Evie, is like her clone? And Shelby's dad just found himself in a pickle when a certain someone interrupts his relationship with Becca's mom.

Two proms, one night, plenty of drama.

Hilariously entertaining, PROM QUEEN GEEKS carries on the momentum from the previous two novels in the series. The characters are crazier, the relationships are even cuter, and the beginning, middle, and end will make you squeal with excitement. Laura Preble continues to satisfy her fans with this great series that will ultimately make the reader want to strike up their own Geek Prom.

Reviewed by: Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen
I love it, I love it, I love it! Every second of it, every second of it!
If you haven't discovered the treasure that is the Queen Geeks must order all three books now! I'm a male in my 20s and I STILL love them! Preble is a gifted, gifted woman. :)

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