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» » Behemoth (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Leviathan)
Behemoth (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Leviathan)


Keith Thompson,Scott Westerfeld


Behemoth (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Leviathan)


Teen & Young Adult

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Turtleback Books; Turtleback School & Library ed. edition (August 9, 2011)




Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Behemoth (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Leviathan) by Keith Thompson,Scott Westerfeld

Behemoth (Leviathan) by Scott Westerfeld Read 7/13>p104, Completed 7/22/16.

In Leviathan Part 2, “Behemoth”, the story has landed in part one’s goal of Istanbul. Up to this point a VIP guest scientist, the granddaughter of “The Great Darwin” himself (in this alternate steam punk history) is forcing the Leviathan, to Istanbul. In this alternate history the Leviathan, is a mighty British military airship. For imagery, think of a Zeppelin but much larger and genetically manufactured from something like a Blue Whale, double or tripled in size, filled with hydrogen, and operating like it’s own entire ecosystem.

Our VIP Darwin relative declares her purpose is to keep the Ottoman Empire out of the war with a mysterious gift that we learn are eggs containing some “genetically designed” creature of the VIP’s own making., Complicating things in this alternate history is Churchill having confiscated a great warship built for, and already paid for, by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Mr. Churchill’s hoping his actions will keep the Turks out of the war, and additionally give Britain a military advantage with the Sultan’s warship. (Which is actually quite similar to “real” history stories.)

Sounds complicated but this is still the double story of the young royal child mentioned in the Leviathan review, on one hand, and the ever more capable “Mr. Sharp” on the other. In “Behemoth” several characters are well developed. The VIP geneticist, the young royal teen and his several attendees, and the ever precocious and young “Mr. Sharp” (airman extraordinaire). “Mr. Sharp” believes “he’ is barely competent, yet seems at the center of all disastrous situations, and manages to trip, stumble, or against “his” better judgment, take action that “he’ll” probably be hung for, that usually results in a miraculous salvage from certain disaster for tens, hundreds, and even thousands of people, depending on the imminent disaster that is looming. .

While we are being walked through the strategies, diplomacies, and maneuvering of an alternate steam punk version of World War One, it is still being seen through the eyes of these two young people who seemed plucked from their lives and into the thick of all things, dangerous, frightful, and fattening.

My similar reviews cut and paste::
See my Amazon reviews here:
The first book in this series (which I finished yesterday) was so good that I immediately started the second book this morning. Luckily, it is the Christmas break, because I spent most of the day reading it, which is saying a lot considering the book is close to 500 pages.

In this second book, our two main characters travel to Istanbul, where they end up triggering a revolution against the sultan, thereby keeping Turkey out of World War I. The action and intrigue are nonstop, and it is interesting to see Dylan and Alex’s friendship and trust deepen during the course of the book.

Book 3 is sitting on the shelf in my bedroom calling me. I am going to try and be strong and resist its siren call, at least for a week. I need to get back to working on my own book, Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back. That said, don’t be surprised to see my review of the third book in the Leviathan Trilogy sometime within the next week or two. I’m dying to learn what happens to Dylan and Alex in the next book as they head off aboard the Leviathan to Japan.
After falling in love with Leviathan, I was eager to read the rest of the series (and had it on order so I could get them all signed at an upcoming Westerfeld event). But Behemoth hadn’t arrived yet, so I had to put it on hold for a while. I was SO happy to finally dive back into this world!

Once again, Westerfeld impressed me with the ridiculously awesome and inventive creations in this series. Though certainly some of the newness had worn off, I was glad to see that there were even more surprises waiting for me in the form of beasties AND Clanker machinery. We finally got to see what was inside those precious eggs they’d been watching over all throughout Leviathan, and all I can say is: I WANT ONE!

This book served up plenty of backstory and character development for Deryn and Alek, which kept me wanting to read way past my bedtime. Alek’s upbringing really began to show, and he started growing a bit while also revealing some of his inadequacies and social blindness at the same time. I absolutely adore Deryn, her cleverness, and her willingness to take risks. There is so much panache and humor and rapport going on in every scene she enters, and I just LOVE IT!

And of course, the story did its job of increasing the stakes, making me gasp in horror, shake my head in bewilderment, and all that sort of thing. I love a book that just takes me along for the ride and makes me enjoy every second of it, even if it’s scary! That is what this series is for me — and once again, I have to question WHY I didn’t read these books sooner. (Total dummkopf move, right?!)

You might be wondering why I rated this 4 stars instead of 5, then. I have asked myself the same thing, and all I can say is: I don’t know, but that’s it.

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