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» » Tiger Eyes (Isis Large Print for Children Cornerstone)
Tiger Eyes (Isis Large Print for Children Cornerstone)


Judy Blume


Tiger Eyes (Isis Large Print for Children Cornerstone)


Teen & Young Adult

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Cornerstone Books; Large Print edition (October 1, 1987)




Literature and Fiction



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Tiger Eyes (Isis Large Print for Children Cornerstone) by Judy Blume

Grief and fear strike Davey Wexler, her mother, and her young brother when Davey's father is killed during a holdup of his 7-Eleven store in Los Alamos
After reading Forever I went on a bit of a Judy Blume kick, trying to find all the ones I missed that are aimed at teenagers or up (I'm not sure I'm up for an MG novel). I'm determined to figure out how to write normal life scenes this engaging. It almost seems like she could have the characters do anything and make it a fascinating read. They shower, they change their sneakers, trim toenails -- all stuff that is generally forbidden in writing guides -- and yet it works. Tiger Eyes could have been like an after school special. In fact, it probably was made into one. It's about a 15 year-old girl whose father is killed in a hold up, and she has to learn how to deal. It's not preachy. The people are just real, the friendships real, the family dynamics real. The early 80's Los Alamos setting is even interesting. There's no sex, no violence (other than the retroactively occurring murder), but there is a lot of excellent dialog.
Great story about a young lady dealing with death and discovery of new friendships.
Blume is an amazing writer. I'm re-reading it before passing it to my daughter. The main character is 15 so I think some of the content might be a litthe early for her, but it's handled really well and sends good messages and an honest look at the struggles if being 15. The backdrop of the story is having recently lost her father. Inspiring.
I am a 70 year old male and had never read Judy Blume. I read tiger eyes after hearing an interview with her on NPR where they said it was on of her best. It was.
I found the movie on Netflix and decided to watch it, but it seemed like it wasn't quite right, so I decided I had to read the book over again. I loved this book as a kid. And I'm now 40 years old, so yeah, felt a little silly buying it again, but it was worth it. The movie was pretty good, but it does stray from the book. Anyways, the book is still great after all these years. I can relate to it even more now, having lost a parent. I would definitely pass it on to future generations!!
A touching and thought provoking story about loss of a loved
One. Each character grieves in a different way, and finds different ways to move on
I grew up on Judy Blume, had all her books and read them over and over and over.
With the movie due out soon, I thought I'd revisit Tiger Eyes.
She has such a great way of giving you a hint of what is going on, but leaving enough room to incorporate our own feelings into the mix and how my life can relate.
As with any good book, it is over too soon.
Granted, I'm a YA junkie, but this quickly became a new favorite. I bought it to give to a young friend whose mother died (the girl was only 10 at the time), and read it so that we could talk about it together. I ended up reading it in a single day because I couldn't put it down. Touching and beautiful.

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