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» » Campfires and Loon Calls: Travels in the Boundary Waters
Campfires and Loon Calls: Travels in the Boundary Waters


Jerry Apps,Steve Apps


Campfires and Loon Calls: Travels in the Boundary Waters


Sports & Outdoors

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Fulcrum Publishing (February 1, 2011)




Water Sports



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Campfires and Loon Calls: Travels in the Boundary Waters by Jerry Apps,Steve Apps

Jerry Apps shares 25 years of wilderness canoeing experience—wicked thunderstorms, inquisitive bears, swamping a canoe, and watching the night sky filled with stars—as well as advice from how to set up a camp and protect food from hungry bears, to minimalist cooking, appreciating a rainy day, and a history of the Boundary Waters region.
I enjoyed this book, and learned some helpful canoe-camping tips. I'm planning our first-ever Boundary Waters trip so I'm reading several books. This is not the very best "how-to" Boundary Waters book (Michael Furtman's Canoe Country Camping is more comprehensive), but this book is worth the money and I'm glad I bought and read it. Do not expect this book to suggest routes or include maps, it's not a route book. Instead, the author describes his experiences canoe-camping with his son over the years, and he provides helpful advice and dos-and-don'ts, things to bring and things to leave. Lots of black&white photos. Author's description of rough water, leaky tents, and camping in rain are particularly informative for first-timers.
Great canoe stories from Jerry
Fine book about the author's personal experiences on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Also, it was written recently (many of Jerry Apps books were written decades ago), and reflects the changes in equipment, techniques, etc. that he has made over the years.
Great Book. Bought it for my son who has traveled in that area. Jerry and I lived not too far from each other growing up so I always look forward to purchasing his books and try to visit a bit with him whenever possible.
Enjoyable book. Loved to read about the loons.
Mysterious Wrench
A great read that brought back memories of similar experiences in the BWCA. Although the routes differ from those I've done the stories were extremely similar.
This book was written very well. Even though I have only been on one Boundary Waters trip so far, this book made me want to be there again. There is some great information in this book!
I spent over 20 weeks in the BWCA and/or the Quetico Provincial Park, one week each year, with my brother, son, daughter in law, grandchildren and friends -- up until I had hip replacements, and my surgeon told me to quit canoeing. Some of the most enjoyable weeks I have ever spent. And my trusty Wen-no-nah Minnesota II still makes the trip every year, with my son in the stern and my nephew in the bow.

It seems to me that the author feels exactly the same way as I do about canoeing those wonderful waters, and captures my emotions to a TEE.

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