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» » Building Classic Salmon Flies
Building Classic Salmon Flies


Arleigh D. III Richardson,Dick Stewart,Ron Alcott


Building Classic Salmon Flies


Sports & Outdoors

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Frank Amato Pubns (October 2004)




Hunting and Fishing



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Building Classic Salmon Flies by Arleigh D. III Richardson,Dick Stewart,Ron Alcott

Ron Alcott is unquestionably one of the best classic fly tiers in the world, and in this book he shares everything he knows. Written for both expert and beginning tiers, this book is full of easy-to-follow tips and techniques for building these beautiful works of art. Alcott shares: their history; materials and substitutes for those components that are now illegal; silk, feather, and fur colors; metallic tinsels; types of wings; proportions; building classic featherwings; metric conversion chart; and more. In 81 step-by-step photos, Alcott builds five representative classic flies, and provides dressings for 32 more. Sixteen color plates illustrate many of the most renowned classic flies, as well as feathers, silk color, and antique tools, This book is a must for all tiers interested in classic-fly building.
Superb,,,absolutely superb!
Excellent book on the complex and technical business of tying salmon flies. Very well illustrated with large clear pictures and plenty of information and detail. Found the book very interesting with plenty of tying technique. I am relatively new to salmon fly tying and believe this book will take me some time to master.
extremely good book for beginners and advanced people who want to learn to tie salmon flies.
Great illustrations and text.
Well put together.
Dancing Lion
A great beginners book.
The content of the book is not what I wanted, contains techniques!I don't like this book , and binding is not good
Let's face it, there's so much information about Tying Classic Salmon Flies that no one book could possibly cover every aspect of the subject. In fact, several volumes wouldn't be enough.
If you want a book that teaches you to tie, this is it. Mr. Alcott has done a fine job of selecting clear, practical information to include. Starting with a short history, this book progresses on to: materials, types of wings, proportions, and building classic featherwings. The book is well written and the information is presented in a straight forward, no nonsense style.
Will it make you an expert? I wish it were so - buidling classic salmon flies can't be learned soley out of a book. It will, however, give you a solid foundation and start you down the right path. It provides enough scope to keep you busy absorbing the information. I highly recommend it. Fine book Mr. Alcott; now where's the next book?
This book adds nothing really new that has not been covered by Poul Jorgensen's classic book "Salmon Flies - their character, style and dressing" and unlike that book will never become a "classic" book. The only critiscm that I ever had of Jorgensen's book was that the illustrations were in black & white and lost some of the detail. Why "Building Classic Salmon Flies" did the same is a little puzzling in view of the great advances that have been made in colour printing and the few colour illustrations that there are in the book are of poor quality. I learnt absolutely nothing new from this book and in view of Ron Alcott's reputation I was somewhat disapointed. I would rate this book as a mildly interesting book for a library on Classic Salmon Flies; but unnecessary.

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