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» » The Greatest Secret of All: Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived
The Greatest Secret of All: Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived


Marc Allen


The Greatest Secret of All: Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived



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New World Library (January 1, 2011)







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The Greatest Secret of All: Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived by Marc Allen

The Law of Attraction — how to use the mental and physical abilities we were born with to create wealth and success — is wonderful to know, but many who have discovered this “secret” still lead miserable lives. This little book clearly explains this law of manifestation but then takes it a quantum leap further, revealing how to create what is truly important in life — happiness, fulfillment, inner peace, and making the world a better place for all.
I have been reading law of attraction books for years (and years). They've been fun, and they've even been a bit helpful. But not until now did I really get it!

"The secret of manifestation is not complicated. In fact, it is very simple... it appears too simple and too obvious. And we feel it should be more complex somehow. Or at least more original, not something we've heard many times before." From the book.

In truth, it really is all that simple, and Marc goes into it step by step.

Marc talks about his own personal experiences. He started out pretty much in a state of poverty at the age of 30! Within just a few years though he was a millionaire. No magic wand... no magical inheritance. Just practicing what he now preaches!

He also talks about the exercises that he does, which are simple, because in his own words, "he's very lazy." He also points out that the exercises should be simple, because the subconscious mind needs to be able to accept them. If our subconscious can't accept what we are doing, it's not going to work for us.

I find his style charming and endearing. He's friendly and to the point! Seriously too the point!! No fluff... no sparkly things... no vague promises. Just do the work. That's it!

I LOVED this book, and am listening to the audio book right now for the second time.

I would highly recommend "The Greatest Secret of All" to anyone and everyone who is looking not for a life of big homes and fancy cars, but rather for a life of true fulfillment and happiness.
I absolutely hated to write this review because of the joy and success I've discoverd via following some of the beliefs and practices in Marc's work as well as other "LOA" pundits. However, having discovered Mark's book, "The Lazy ... way to success," then reading the "Millionaire Course" and now this one, it occurred to me that, like many LOA "marketeers," he has simply taken some great material, and condensed and re packaged it SEVERAL TIMES under different titles to take advantage of whatever the latest "rage" is. It breaks my heart. The material is great, and it rings of truth .... but it's about the ninth time he's published it ... and each book gets shorter and shorter .... I'm sorry, but I'm disappointed in the author on this one.

On the other hand, if you've NEVER read Marc Allen, I would highly recommned this ... or the Millionaire course .... or the Lazy Way to Success. They are all great, the content is full of truth. My negative review is based only on what I consider to be a little "over the top" marketing and repackaging the same material over and over again.
Funny how life leads you from one learning to the next...although I've been a student of spirituality for 20+ years and have read just about everything you can imagine in that time, I just happened across Marc Allen's "The Greatest Secret of All" about two weeks ago. In my own spiritual practice I have stirred together a comfortable mix of Buddhist, Quaker, Taoist, and naturalist techniques that have blossomed into a kind of sweet, grateful approach to life. This doesn't always mean I can create exactly what I'm hoping for, though, or that I really understand and can use my own creative power with any kind of intention.

Marc Allen's book is short, but it is filled with just the right mix of "here's where you are" and "here's where you can go." He provides many practical how-to examples that offer real practices we can incorporate into our own meditation times. He also offers and builds on his own story of moving from a kind of floating, receptive condition to one in which he was literally creating the life he dreamed about. Now he trusts his own powers to create and outlines the process for us as well. I began incorporating his suggestions immediately and have already been seeing results in my life. After decades of exploring, learning, and practicing, and I am very thankful for this small book that offers us such a clear image of our own creative process!
Read this book the same day it arrived by mail, all in two hours. The book is thin and small, hardly worth the money paid. The back cover description barely related to the text inside. I found everything it it to be overly simple to the point of nonsense. If you are looking for a book on this theme, look elsewhere. If you are looking for something specific, detailed, and not vague, look elsewhere. Better to read classics, like Claude Bristol or Joseph Murphy, or even Peale. In fact, he lifts quotations and ideas straight out of other books, which is fine I suppose, but his commentary is not that deep nor instructional. To top, each chapter is a repeat of the prior chapter with the same quotations with slightly altered commentary. Such a disappointment.
Marc changed my life over 20 plus years ago with his reading of 'As a Man Thinks.' His soothing voice helped get the works of James Allen into the deepest layers of my subconsious mind, transforming the way I think and thus my life. I have read every book Marc has written and have attended his workshops. I love this book in particular because in it he has been able to summarize his winning simple system. I will give this book to many people to whom I want to introduce Marc's work... it is a condensed powerhouse of steps that really work. LPirtle
This is a very short book, which took me by surprise. However, each page is right on point and specific about making positive impact changes in your life. I fully intend to read this book multiple times over the next year and will continue to recommend it to others.
layed out in simple steps, the information that could take a life time to figure out on your own is presented here in such a simple way.. there is a beauty in simplicity. you can find that here...

thank you marc allen for sharing your wealth with us..
This lil book ROCKS. It tells the truth with pure simplicity that a child would appreciate. Every word resonated deeply and can inspire anyone to not only treasure the greatest secret, but take small steps to turn a good idea into great results.

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