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John Muir




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Heyday Books (December 1, 1981)




Biological Sciences

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Stickeen by John Muir

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Stickeen by John Muir
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I couldn't put it down. Once starting the read because of the dog, I was so pleased to find that Muir's talent for nature writing eclipsed even the fabulous dog part of the story--which, in and of itself, will remain with me forever. How he can take a wilderness novice like me and describe, in minute detail, the white on white on white of the multitudinous diversity of the Alaskan wild--it was a thrill. I was aghast at Muir's fearlessness in leaving the tent at all that stormy morning, but recognized his authentic capacity to experience the full range of mortal emotions as he described watching Stickeen's joyous rapture to have walked through his own canine fear and lived to leap and run and howl in ecstatic delight!
I have read many Jack London stories of Alaska, and I love John Muir's lifestyle and contributions to our now National Parks. So this short story was easy bait for me. I had no idea he wrote so beautifully!

This is a fantastic story about the unexpected relationship between an isolationist explorer and a curious little dog. On its own as a narrative, the story itself is quite fascinating. With the added element of a developing relationship between the two of them, the story is excellent.
John Muir's account of his days with Stickeen is absolutely wonderful. I was a little concerned that a nonfiction piece from the late 1800's would be boring - John Muir is anything but boring. Muir's description of Stickeen brings the little dog to life; his details about adventures in the Alaskan cold leave you reaching for a warm blanket and a steaming cup of chocolate! The novella (almost short story) reads very quickly. It's a great companion piece to Samual Hall Young's "Alaska Days with John Muir." After all, Stickeen was Young's dog; the little rascal just decided to attach himself to Muir and conquer Alaska alongside of the intrepid naturalist. Highly recommended for any dog lover!
This short book was recommended to me as a wonderful dog tale by my father, and it was indeed an endearing tale about an unexpected but enduring friendship. It also provided a fabulous window into John Muir's remarkable fortitude and love of the outdoors. A riveting read.
I had heard of high praise about John Muir and his books of which Stickeen was the first I have just read. Impressed so much with his writing style and immense knowledge about nature, I can not wait to read his other books. Such a gem of a naturalist, philosopher and writer, sorry to have missed till now...
I enjoyed this book, especially since I read Alaska Days with John Muir by Samuel Hall Young first. Samuel Young owned Stickeen, and in his book he details all of his adventures with John Muir, including this one. John Muir broke a good many rules about hiking in the wilderness in his adventures, to the point that I occasionally wonder how he lived through them all. His attitude and his writing all breathe a bracing freshness, and the details he gives about crossing the sliver of ice that hung over certain death amaze me. This short book packs an exciting read.
A great story by a great storyteller. I love dogs and mountains - This is a story of courage, loyalty and joy.

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