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» » Sargasso of Space
Sargasso of Space


Andre Norton


Sargasso of Space


Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Gregg Press; 1st edition (1978)




Science Fiction



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Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton

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Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton
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Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton
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Book by Andre Norton
When I started reading Sci-Fi I was very young and one of my favorite authors was Andre Norton. I know these stories are old and technologically not current with the latest futuristic thoughts about a future Earth and Universe but she was one of the original masters of the genre. This is a good story about a young man who finishes his trade school and secures his first job on a spacecraft. He is not hired by one of the leading trading companies but selected by a computer and matched up with an independent trader ship that needs his skills.

He doesn't get hired on for the best money but there is a different type of chance on an independent trader space ship. You can be gone on longer trips, not make as much money, strike it rich if they hit a lucky streak or be injured or even killed if they are unfortunate....

This is a classic story and I still love Andre Norton's work after all of these years. She can tell a story and that has science, adventure, suspense and in an entertaining way. I was disappointed to find several mistypes and errors in the book but I overlook those in my rating. That is not the fault of the author but the editor and publishing company. This is still a good book and I enjoyed reading it again.

I gave this book 5 stars and I still think it is a good book.
Andre Norton has long been one of my favorite YA (young adult) authors. I read many of her works in my tweens and teens and still enjoy them today. She excels at writing YA sci-fi and fantasy adventure stories. I have read dozens of her books and I cannot recall any of her books which I did not enjoy (although there probably are one or two). Sargasso of space is a great YA sci-fi adventure story. Recent trade graduate Dane Thorson nervously awaits his first star trading assignment. Dane's first voyage is an action packed doozy. Dane must deal with the Patrol, posted bandits, and legendary forerunner artifacts to complete his first voyage. Andre Norton also wrote a sequel story, Plague Ship.

Occasional editing issues were noted. I am not sure if this book was created from a scanned copy then converted to text through software but most of the errors are consistent with such a process. There were occasional hyphenations which are not necessary for ebooks and occasional typos which should have never made it past a spellchecker. This was not a major issue but it was a minor distraction.

Sargasso of Space (Solar Queen Series) is 2,982 Kindle locations long. Standard length "paperback" novels seem to run in the 4,500 to 7,000 plus Kindle location range. Long novels can range from 15,000 to 20,000 plus Kindle locations.
I have loved Andre Norton since I was in grade school... I especially loved her stories about telepathy between man and animal and the ones of exploring space (I was born in the wrong age - would have loved going on the Solar Queen or out into the beyond with the crew of any of the Star Treks except Deep Space Nine and Enterprise - they were really lame - or with the Firefly bunch... sigh... oh, well). When she drifted off into the Witch World series she lost me. (I'm sure she was devastated about that... not.)
Anyway, if you like the space adventure stuff and not the witchy stuff, you'll like this one.
After blundering into the middle of this series (before Google was born) I tracked down this one. I'd love it if this came out in an Audiobook. It's a great story of a young man, Dane Thorson, just coming out of training, and he gets his ship assignment. He doesn't get his dream. However, as you are with him meeting the crew and taking that 1st voyage, you begin to feel this really is the right place for him. Then the REAL adventure begins! They get trading rights to a planet, an unknown planet, no one else wants. They land and it looks like there is someone else there already! Why does a planet no one else wanted so popular? What's here? Who is here? How far will they go to keep the Solar Queen and her crew OUT?
Then they begin to find signs that there is something else here, something from long, long ago, before the age of man. Something with great power.
All 4 books in the serries are great, all who read this get get mega pack it has 2 more of these Solar Queen tales, google for postmarked the stars ebook, its number 4, and it is out there to get. My problem are the glarring typos all over this gem. In the megapack there are 0, in homemade postmarked the stars, 0. What's the deal with quality control. Wish they had this book in the megapack too, it'd be done right. Amazon, if any reps read this, lean on the publisher to go through looking for typos. There were more than 10 if I remember right.
This is classic, old school Science Fiction, from a day when SF was about space ships and bad guys on other planets. Andre Norton was one of the standards. I happen to like this sort of thing - good plotting, action, and satisfactory endings.
There was less character development in those days, of course, and certainly less sex. When I read it as a boy, this was called "juvenile fiction." Now we would call it "Young Adult Fiction," because the word "juvenile" has taken on a negative tone it didn't have before, but the point is that -- oh, yeah, I'm reviewing the book, not the genre.
 OK, as I said, it has good pacing, plotting and action. I pulled it down for my Kindle app on my iPad, and enjoyed every word. Don't expect anything deep... just a good story and some suspense.
I grew up an Andre Norton fan. This was just the sort of Norton adventure I remember. Proper ending and all - not all the pseudo postmodern endings that spoiled my appetite for SF later on. I gave it a five not so much for its literary value but as a counter to the snooty purists who will inevitably look down their collective noses at such low brow fare. Thanks Andre for all the space fun. ;-)
Solar Queen is a basic bare bones interstellar tramp freighter. This is Dane Thorsons first assignment as an apprentice. The captain gets an invitation to check out and bid on new trade planet called Limbo. They crash land, now what?

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