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» » The Sapphire Rose (Voyager Classics)
The Sapphire Rose (Voyager Classics)


David Eddings


The Sapphire Rose (Voyager Classics)


Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Harpercollins Pub Ltd; New Ed edition (July 31, 2002)







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The Sapphire Rose (Voyager Classics) by David Eddings

1st trade edition paperback, fine (as new)
A good fantasy story line by the authors of the Belgariad/Malorian sets of books. Yes, I said "authors" -- as I understand it David Eddings cowrote these books with his wife, Leigh Eddings, though originally only he was listed as author because of the publisher's insistence that single-author novels sell better than multi-authored novels.

The Elenium and Tamul series have a different set of characters and different setting than the Belgariad and Malorian series. I have yet to read the Tamul series (though I plan to), but I quite enjoyed the Elenium series. I found the Belgariad and Malorian series to be better developed and more satisfying overall, but both story lines are quite entertaining. I plan to not only continue with the Tamul books, but to read anything else by these two authors I can find.

My one criticism of the Elenium series is the overuse of "bleak" and "bleakly". I personally feel that most of the time these words were used other synonyms could have been utilized more effectively, and the sheer frequency of the usage gives the narrative a feeling of less time spent, less care taken developing it. Looking past this one failing, however, I find I quite enjoy the humor popping in at odd moments, and the books did give some surprises I did not anticipate. We will likely order these books on Audible, too, for playing in the car on road trips. Our entire family has quite enjoyed listening to the Belgariad/Malorian books in the car, and I think they will also enjoy these, too.
I absolutely love David Eddings and adore all three books of this series. I used to have these books years ago and due to moving constantly I somehow lost them. I just recently reordered book two and three to reread them. I cant seem to put them down!! Everytime I immerse myself into this story I cannot put it down. I get really into the book and laugh and cry at some points. The writing is amazing and keeps me memorized through the whole book!! Definitely on my favorite books shelf.
One of my favorite authors. If you've read the Elenium I suggest following with the Tamuli which is phenomenal in the way it deals with characters I won't spoil.
And thus we finish this series with some surprises and a final resolution of all the plot threads. It doesn't end where you might think, but goes on to tie up all the loose ends. A satisfactory ending to the series. Recommended.
Like most of Eddings series one begins great for the first two or three and then fades out. As in all of his books, the dialog is terrible, All the same, I like them all and read them over and over.
good read
It's a classic book from masters of the genre but the fact that the kindle edition costs more than the paperback is quiet annoying. also it's a hit and miss on the books available in your region as some of the books are not available in my country so watch out you may not be able to get a full kindle set.
Eddings is my most read author. I have read all of his Belgariad novels and was super excited to find this one. As with his other series, there is humor, and it is easy to grow attached to the characters. I am working on reading the Tamuli series next.

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