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» » The Widow's Son (The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, Volume Two)
The Widow's Son (The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, Volume Two)


Robert Anton Wilson


The Widow's Son (The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, Volume Two)


Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Roc (April 3, 1991)





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The Widow's Son (The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, Volume Two) by Robert Anton Wilson

Throughout history, secret societies have played a crucial role in shaping events that have created our world. Only an inner circle of power elite know the full extent of the influence of the conspiracy...It is Paris, 1772, and Sigismundo Celine knows he is destined to play an important part in this history-behind-history. The masons, the English nobility, the Jabobites, the Rosicrucians, the ruling clique of pre-Revolution France: these are but a few of the factions involved in the machinations and intrigue in which Sigismundo has become enmeshed.Thrown into the Bastille, shot at, assaulted by assassins, tortured, and brutally interrogated, he knows only what he is and what he must do to become the one spoken of in the old texts. But what he doesn't know could kill him: the secret powers of Maria, the Italian beauty who has become an English Lady; the Irish fisherman, Moon, who stumbles across the inner workings of an unsuspected cult; and the question they keep asking: the identity of The Widow's Son.
Robert Anton Wilson is one of my favorite authors ever! Historical fiction with conspiracies, mysticism, science & expanded consciousness. This was my favorite book from The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles. If you are a fan of the Illuminatus Trilogy, you should read this. It concerns antecedents of a lot of the characters involved in that book.
Facinatiing for those into Co0nspiracy Theories & secrets of Masonary
Robert Anton Wilson should be read by everyone who enjoys history and philosophy and comedy fused together.
This is the second in the Historical Illuminatus Trilogy, and it's as good as the first one. You will learn some history here, as well as some occult and conspiracy concepts as well. Please, though, if you read this book, please read the first in the series first. Robert Anton Wilson left us on January 11, 2007. He will be sorely missed.
given as gift, person love it
After Volume One, I expected more of the same and got it. Genuinely human characters and compelling stories. Having learned to be cautious with first opinions of characters from previous RAW works, complexity and moral ambiguities arise. This was one of those books that one wants to rush through, but drags out, not wanting it to end even though there was a volume three. (I recommend getting all 3 together)
In 1989, I had the privelige to appear in a production of Wilson's play, "Wilhelm Reich in Hell". The play was extreme didacticism, but clever and fun in it's own right. We got to meet, and spend some time with the great Robert Anton Wilson.

I have already reviewed the first book in this series, but thought I would drop in and point out some stuff about this.

Wilson doesn't just walk a fine line here, he engages in metaplot. The story also serves as a platform for a critique on pedagoguery, via the seldom used function of the footnote war. Sigismundo's tale, at the same time, is a ripping adventure, a political diatribe, a lesson in various traditions and several kinds of funny all at the same time.

When the world turns upside down, watch carefully. Wilson moves a player off the board and into the action deftly, and, as always, with great humor. This is a book that you can read a hundred times and always discover something new. Buy all three now while they are available!

by the way...Robert Anton Wilson passed on earlier this year, and today's rabid conspiracy buffs should always read Wilson. He found humor in the most shocking of things, and dignity and honor in the oddest of places. So should we all.
This is Wilson's more adventure-oriented of the three, and is a joy to read. It has the feel of a book more like the Three Musketeers or Treasure Island or something, but it also is certainly a Robert Anton Wilson book. It isn't quite as heady as the other two, but it certainly has its moments. There seems some distance from Sigismundo and the reader this time. Anyway, a great book and a great series. Read them all, if you can find them.

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