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» » Two-Week Wife
Two-Week Wife


Miranda Lee


Two-Week Wife



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Thorndike Pr (December 1, 1997)







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Two-Week Wife by Miranda Lee

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Two-Week Wife by Miranda Lee
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Two-Week Wife by Miranda Lee
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The plot was so unlikely and downright lame that I want to return this book and get my money back. I have read a lot of Harlequin romances, and this is definitely not one of stories that will stay with me. Adam has always loved Bianca, right from when she befriended the lonely little boy he was back in Kindergarten. Now all grown up he is a math professor walking the straight and narrow (or so it seems) and she is a free spirit. She has never seen him as more than a friend, though they have had one embarrassing night together in their past (?? Explain to me how that happens). Then Bianca’s ill mother decides to visit and they have to pretend to be man and wife. Adam (supposedly her best friend) exploits the situation and insists they share a bed (huh?), and also proceeds to buy her clothes and whatnot. He never lets on that he loves her ! All of this just didn’t add up, the story not flowing at all. Like every Harlequin there is a happy end though.
Bianca is shown as an experienced woman that enjoys life then later in the book she repeatdly says that she only had a few boyfriends that you could count on 1 hand. While Adam was out banging every blonde he could. This book had a lot of promise but in the end the author went the typical route of the "pure" heroine and the (...) hero.
The synposis says:
Adam had always been in love with Bianca, but his feelings weren't quite returned. Bianca did care for him but as a best friend. His was the should she'd cry on and he never let her down...
Until the day Bianca confesed she'd told her mother they were married and would Adam mind playing the role of her husband while her mom was in town? Adam minded a lot! Suddenly he was not the friend Bianca had always taken for granted. He'd turned into a ruthless stranger who demanded that throughout their two-week "marriage" they share a bed!
This is a story of Adam who has been in love with Bianca since kindergarten. His love has been rejected by Bianca for so long that he will take whatever crumbs she throws at him. Even if it means being just friends. I love the way Miranda Lee builds Adam's character, you can feel through out the book how much he adores Bianca. He knows he is being a complete bastard to his beloved friend but he does not want to show his true feelings and get hurt yet again. Story is a bit lame, but Adam makes up for it.
This is a story where two best friends live together and where one is aware he is in love with Bianca, she on the other hand isn't. I have to admit that it isn't my favorite Lee book it is an okay read. Throughout the whole book though, I was quite annoyed by Bianca at times. Sometimes I felt that she was protrayed as a spoiled brat used to getting her own way. In the end however you come to realize that she has matured and she is up to par to the love that is between these two characters. Adam on the other hand is protrayed as being rather weak early in the book but then suddenly takes charge and will no longer be Bianca's puppy. I think him taking charge is quite an eye opener for Bianca. Overall it was a good read.
I love this book for it's humour and its heartfelt love story. It's always a pleasure to read a Harlequin Presents, with an emotional, lovable hero, not the traditional dark, harsh and punishing one (i.e. Anne Mather, Lynne Graham...). Highly reccommend, both Adam and Bianca compliment the other and offers a "feel good" ending that makes you smile.

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