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» » Montana Born and Bred
Montana Born and Bred


Alexis Harrington


Montana Born and Bred



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St. Martin's Paperbacks (December 15, 2000)





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Montana Born and Bred by Alexis Harrington

The FugitiveHarboring a dangerous secret, Sarah Kincade flees to Lame Horse, Montanta, with her infant son, hoping to begin a new life. But her past follows swiftly behind, in the form of bounty hunter Zach Garrett, a man with a warrant to bring her little boy back to the powerful family that has laid claim to him. Yet, as they cross the treacherous expanse Montana, Sarah's fury begins to wane, as her rugged, powerful captor reveals the hidden side of a soul that is as shattered as her own...The Bounty HunterZach has one dream--to reclaim his ranch, and the price for the baby's return will pay off his debt. But somewhere along the way, his frozen heart starts to warm in the presence of beautiful, coragous Sarah. He can't stop himself from wanting her, from needing the kind of love he's been denied all his life, or ignoring the profound emotion he feels as he gazes into the innocent eyes of a baby. In the middle for this vast, untamed land, he discovers what matters most. Now, he'll do whatever it takes to keep it...A love as large as the big sky above them.
Unlike some reviewers, I don't think you want the whole story in advance. Let's just say that Sarah has an out of wedlock child (Danny) by a piece of slime named Ethan. Why? Well he seduced her; that takes care of her side of the story. But Ethan only bothered seducing her to provide a child for his wife, Priscilla. That woman is a real piece if work!

Bounty hunter Zach is an orphan from New York City who got the short end of the stick in his adoption from the orphan train. He hunts our heroine down for Ethan in order to get his ranch back. It's convoluted, but still realistic. Ethan has his sticky paws in a lot of different deals.

It's a nicely developed love story with the requsite love scenes well written. It has quite a few twists and turns to keep it interesting. All of the characters, from children through adults, are fully fleshed out people of interest.

It's a keeper!!!!
I enjoyed this book for the most part, even though it's not my favorite from this author. The writing is good and the leads are likeable. Some parts of the plot felt a little farfetched, and the twist with the villain's wife and her maid left me with unresolved questions, but I still enjoyed the story. I assume the author added that twist to show the how the villain's greed caused him to overlook things and, in the end, increased his ultimate humiliation. But, as I said, it left me feeling like something was not totally explained.

Anyhow, although I wouldn't suggest that you start with this book if you've never sampled Harrington's work -- maybe start with Harper's Bride or Homeward Hearts -- I still think this one is worth the read. 3 1/2 stars.
I would pass on this book. When a mothers worst nightmare was happening she found the man attractive and was thinking of his looks, that would never have happened. Later things change that's possible but Not right off. There was also a lot of rambling. This could have been a really good book other wise.
I recently discovered this book by Alexis Harrington. This was one of several of her books that I purchased and Montana Born and Bred was the first one I read. I've truly enjoyed each one of her books. They always offer laughter, romance & adventure. If you are looking for a good historical romance, you can't go wrong reading one of Ms. Harrington's. She developes each character in such a way that you feel like they are your friends at the end of each book. Who hasn't dreamt of a handsome cowboy riding up & stealing your heart? An excellant way to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon!
I have read two books by Alexis Harrington, Montana Born and Bred is one of them. I was attracted to this book by its name. I am Montana Born and Bred, I love Montana, it is where I now live and for the most part always have. I enjoyed this book. It definitely shows the tenacity of Montanans'. Of course like any good book it took to close to the end for it to get real exciting. The storyline is a bit unbelievable but then it happened in days gone by and it may be believable for those days. I will read other books by Alexis Harrington and look forward to them.
Pleasant, enjoyable read. Overall, I will admit I've enjoyed some of the other books by this author more but wouldn't hesitate to read this book again!
If you haven't read this one, then you're in for a treat. Very well told story of two people rising above their mistakes in life and grabbing onto what really counts in life. The main characters are interesting and complex. The situation is intriguing and there are several "baddies" who are well drawn and, of course, add danger and drama to this story of wounded hearts healed by the power of love.
It was a great book.

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