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» » The Present (Malory Family, Book 6)
The Present (Malory Family, Book 6)


Johanna Lindsey


The Present (Malory Family, Book 6)



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Avon Books; 1st edition (November 1, 1998)







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The Present (Malory Family, Book 6) by Johanna Lindsey

This Christmas, open THE PRESENT! The irrepressible Malorys are back in a poignant and unforgettable Yuletide tale that will add joy to the season. As the family meets at Haverston to celebrate the holidays all is not well among husbands, wives and longtime lovers. But a mysterious gift arrives that will affect the lives of everyone present: an old journal that chronicles the love affair between Christopher Malory, the first Marquis of Haverston, and a darkly exotic beauty named Anastasia--proving a longheld family suspicion that the Malorys indeed have gypsy blood. In the witty and wonderful story of the blooming of Anna and Christopher's remarkable romance are powerful lessons that will enrich the hearts of their descendants in a glorious season of love and giving.
Really good read but not the usual Malory love lust and mayhem. Not necessarily in that order. . I did enjoy the story of Anastasia and Christopher but a little more of the next generation might helped but goes directly to grandchildren starting with the oldest we know who is Jason. but not a clue why he took over at 16. I know story brings Molly and Jason out into the open but just seems something missing. Gave 4 stars as the ancestors story was sweet, we got look at up and coming children and the banter between brothers, wives and other in-laws was great as usual. Especially Anthony and James. Just "different"!!
I love this series!!!!!
This is a series I return to again and again. While their their are some I prefer more than others this one is toward the top of the list. I will warn you, don't read this one first! You won't understand a lot of the inside information. In fact, you need to read this series in order.
While I really wish the prices were less, $8.99 for an e-book seems a little high, you will probably read them enough to make them worth wash you pay. Enjoy The Mallory series!
For all the fans of the Mallory/Anderson saga, this book is a must. We get to see the "elder" Jason Mallory vulnerable and more approachable. The "mystery" of the occasional dark haired, dark skinned Mallory is finally settled. The family can no longer pretend that the gypsy grandmother is a myth. The reactions of the family is revealing and interesting. The effect on Jason and Molly is quite enjoyable. An easy read and really good for those nights you need something to bring on the sweet dreams. Enjoy this deeper look into the Mallory family.
My expectations weren't high for this romance as I've been disappointed by several written for the Christmas season. But this was a good one, especially for fans of the Malory series.

Set in 1825, years after Derek and Kelsey met in SAY YOU LOVE ME, the Malorys are gathering at Haverston for Christmas with their brood of children (and there are several new additions). Patriarch Jason Malory is still hoping to marry Molly, his housekeeper, but as yet hasn't convinced her to accept the scandal it would mean. Before the holiday celebrations can commence, a mysterious present appears in the parlor, a gold-wrapped, oddly shaped box no one seems to know about. As the Malory clan speculates about it, Amy (married to Warren, THE MAGIC OF YOU) says she has a feeling it's about their Gypsy ancestor, Anna Malory, who gave some of them their black hair and blue eyes.

When the present is opened, it's a journal that tells a love story of the second Marquis, Christopher Malory and the Gypsy, Anastasia Stephanoff. And it is a good story, one to warm your heart at any season of the year.

If you've been reading the Malory series up until this 6th book, you'll recognize the players and enjoy the reunion as well as the love story. If not, you'll likely be a little lost at the beginning as the names fly fast and furious.

Here's the list of the books in the Malory-Anderson Family Saga Series:

1. Love Only Once (Reggie and Nick)
2. Tender Rebel (Roslyn and Anthony)
3. Gentle Rogue (James and Georgina)
4. The Magic Of You (Amy Malory and Warren Anderson)
5. Say You Love Me (Kelsey and Derek)
6. The Present: The Malory Holiday Novel
7. A Loving Scoundrel (Danny and Jeremy, James' son)
8. Captive Of My Desires (Gabrielle and Drew)
9. No Choice But Seduction (Boyd and Katey)
10. That Perfect Someone (Richard and Julia)
THE PRESENT is the sixth book in the Malory Family Series. It is a romance for two sets of characters. In the past, readers get to know Christopher Malory, the ancestor of the current family and his alleged gypsy wife Anastasia. This is primarily their story although their story gives momentum to the story of Jason Malory and his longtime mistress/love Molly.

I really enjoyed this book because of the glimpses we get into the Malory Family. It is more for fans of the series, however. There is much assumed about the readers' knowledge and I am not sure that the history of the beginnings of the Malory Family is compelling enough for those who haven't read the other books in the series.

I loved the wrapping up of Jason and Molly's story and I liked seeing another side of the stern had of the family.
The Present is not a book to pick up and read on its own. It is a continuation of characters and stories from other Lindsey books. If you are interested in reading about the Christmas holiday season for some of your favorite characters, this book is for you. Otherwise I would not recommend this book on its own for a reader. The book is relatively small for a complete novel and the storyline is lightweight. It is simply a fun, fill in the gaps "final chapter" to her other Malory books.
I have been reading Johanna Lindsey from the beginning and she just continues to amaze and delight me. I can never turn down one of her stories no matter what the cost.

This one was a little different in that it takes you backward in time to the beginning of the Malory clan but it was not less spectacular for it's backward look. I always was curious about the hinted gypsy in the lineage and I was fascinated by this really intriguing story that she presented this story in the present that intertwined with the history of the family.

If you love Johanna you have to read this one, if you haven't read her you really must with this one and you can used it as your introduction to this wonderful, imaginative and very sexy romance writer. ENJOY

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