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» » The Foundling
The Foundling


Georgette Heyer


The Foundling



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Thorndike Pr (March 1, 1992)





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The Foundling by Georgette Heyer

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The Foundling by Georgette Heyer
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The Foundling by Georgette Heyer
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Book by Heyer, Georgette
I have read every book Georgette Heyer wrote and Foundling is my favorite. The genius of Heyer is in her amazing sense of humor and there is much evident in Foundling. The characters are fabulous - the Duke, his overbearing uncle, Belinda and Tom - Tom is wonderful his antics made me laugh out loud. I read another review that said Harriet was characterless and I couldn't disagree more. She shows a lot of spirit in coming out of her comfort zone to help her fiance. It is a more subtle love story - that is not the center of the book as it is other of Heyer's novels but the Duke and Harriet is not a marriage of convenience - they find that they are very well suited and it develops into a very sweet love. If you are a Heyer fan, by all means read this book.
I have just re-read this book for the umpteenth time. Every time I read it, it grows on me more. One does get a bit surfeited with romance, and this is a coming of age story more than a romance. It is one of Heyer's humorous works, with a loveable hero somewhat on the lines of Freddie in Cotillion.

As Gilly, Duke of Sale, takes on the role of Mr. Dash of Nowhere in Particular, he realizes his own strengths and abilities. When his heroic cousin Gideon - a typical Heyer hero - comes to rescue him from the cellar where his kidnappers have put him, Gilly has already escaped, buring the house down in the process! In his gentle, but not weak way, Gilly finally grows into his ducal shoes.

Heyer's ability to plot an intricate story, with many sub-plots, reminds me of P G Wodehouse. She can weave all these diverse strands until a satisfactory resolution ends the book. Her characters in this book are rich, funny and diverse. Heyer almost always has the ability to draw characters from all levels of society. Not always two-dimensional, but always interesting. In The Foundling, Tom Mamble provides some of the comic relief - his backward race on two pigs, a cow and an old horse, is hysterical! But Tom, scion of a very wealthy but vulgar ironmonger, saves the day at the end of the book... I won't disclose this in case the reader of this review has not yet read the book. Belinda, the foundling named in the title, is perhaps the most beautiful but empty-headed Heyer heroine of all!

And yes, the heroine's role in this book is a small one, but she, too, is coming of age and her gentle assertiveness grows as she grows in confidence of Gilly's love for her. She seems a perfect, and loving, match for Gilly. No, there is no tension about this romance, but it is gentle and sweet, and perhaps inexorable.

I no longer care for romance novels where the hero is a brute, and the love making takes on the character of sexual harrasment, to put it no higher. I like books that are well-plotted, have interesting characters, are historically as well as practically accurate. The Foundling fills the bill!

Heyer's books would make wonderful made-for-tv movies as only the BBC can do it. Why has this not happened yet?
Although the Duke of Sale is almost 25 years of age, he has never been allowed to make even the smallest decision for himself. Told that his bride has been chosen for him and it is now his duty to offer for her hand seems like the last straw.

He decides to disappear for a day or two, partly to see if he can survive without his large entourage, but mostly just to get away from his smothering environment, and if this causes a certain amount of anxiety, so much the better.

But he is kidnapped and finds the situation more frightening than he had bargained for, and a good deal of ingenuity is required to extricate him from danger. His euphoria at finding that he can look after himself after all is shortlived, as his kind heart has embroiled him in other embarrassing situations.

The villain, though certainly villainous, is an entertaining character, and the duke himself grows in stature as the book progresses. The ending is most satisfactory, with not one but two romances bringing the story to a happy conclusion.

This is Georgette Heyer at her best, but although the duke is a most likeable character, it is his cousin Gideon who floats my boat.

Amazon makes it possible for us to access books which might not be still available on the shelves the local bookshop, and via kindle brings them to us so swiftly. A wonderful benefit to us all.
One of her best, with an engaging cast of characters, from put-upon Duke to incorrigible schoolboy to pompous kidnapper, handsome cousin... The plot is one of the few which doesn’t end when our hero falls in love, which makes it unusual. He still has many scrapes to sort out, enemies to vanquish and relatives to bring into line. Great fun!
I have always enjoyed this one very much, but as I read it recently, I felt that it was really a brilliant novel. Not a romance, but a coming of age story of a late bloomer. It's enlivened with an amazing cast of characters and there's just not a false note in the entire book. It's funny, sweet, exciting, amd yes, romantic in a strangely understated and very touching way.

As always Georgette Heyer's humor is the major draw for me and humor abounds in this one. There's witty dialogue, flat out slapstick, and dryly funny narration.

The characters in the book are wonderful, the stars are Tom, Belinda, and Mr. Liversedge, as well as, of course, the Duke, but supporting characters like Nettlebed, Matthew, and even a character we never actually meet, Mr. Clitheroe, keep the reader chuckling, if not laughing loudly.

The best part of the story, what I think raises it above the other works by Heyer, is the story of Gilly, as he discovers how resourceful he is. He stays sweet, courteous and chivalrous, and still, by the end of ths story makes himself the man he wants to be. Wonderful!
lucky kitten
A coddled young duke with several titles breaks free from his overattentive family and retinue.

Very funny and highly recommended.

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