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Sea Fire


Sea Fire



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Sea Fire

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This was a pretty good follow-up to book one. My only criticism being it ends so abruptly. It's plot flows right from the first book and smoothly into this plot. Again, an old-fashioned bodice ripper, but with style. The writing is very good, dialogue very good and plot very energetic with no real dead spots. I would highly recommend these books to historical fiction romance fans with the understanding it was written and published in the early '80's.
I am really surprised by all the negative reviews! I Loved the first book and was excited about reading the 2nd installment. Just like a soap opera it kept me glued to the pages wondering what was in store next for this couple. It's nice to read a book from time to time where the characters have flaws. It's not politically correct, this is Fiction and a true Bodice Ripper!
This is the sequel to Robards' ISLAND FLAME and it involves the same hero and heroine two years after their "happily ever after" in book 1. I gave the first story 4 and ½ stars and pretty much dismissed the low reviews as I'm doing now. Like the first one, this is an 80's bodice ripper, so accept that going in, but it is very well done and I recommend it.

Robards knows how to write historical romance. Few authors could follow the same couple after the happily ever after and still produce great sexual tension, a suspenseful story and as many twists and turns, but Robards does and with great success in my mind.

SEA FIRE is set in 1844, beginning in South Carolina where Jonathan Hale and his wife, Catherine ("Cathy") are living with their young son, Cray. When word arrives her father is ill, Cathy hurries back to England with her young son to find her father recovering from what appears to be a stroke. Meanwhile Cathy learns her marriage to Jon was not valid and cannot wait to get back to America and wed him again. But before she can leave, her pirate husband shows up and is seized and thrown in prison. Harold, her cousin who has designs on her--and her money--tells Cathy he will save the pirate from hanging if she agrees to marry him.

Like the first story, we are once again immersed in the troubled but sexually charged relationship of Cathy and Jon. His past will not allow him to trust any woman, much less the beautiful minx he married. Cathy loves him, but is too proud to admit it when he treats her like a cad. Still, she will save him from death if she can.

A great tale with many twists and turns and lots of action. Yes, Jon is a brute at times and Cathy's a brat, but I still kept reading it late into the night. I recommend it. If you liked ISLAND FLAME, I daresay you will like this one.
Jon was a jerk and she was immature!
Good book
This book was interesting could not wait to find out how it would end. I just wished there was not so much misunderstanding between jon and cathy and more trust on jon's part and he had'nt cheated on cathy.
My best book ever and my second time reading it I'll definitely recommend it to anybody. Thanks Karen for a good book
good. like her mysteries better

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