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» » The Bride Said Never!
The Bride Said Never!


Sandra Marton


The Bride Said Never!



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Chivers North America; New Ed edition (1997)







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The Bride Said Never! by Sandra Marton

The Bride said never: I thought this book was very good. Laurel was a model and an argumentative pain in the butt. In short she was a true New Yorker and you had to admire the workmanship. Laurel had major trust issues and didn't believe in love anymore- in steps Damian Skouras. Rich, Greek, Alpha gorgeous male with issues of his own. He'd been married before and it left a bad taste in his mouth and his soul. He thought the whole marriage thing was bull- I loved the way the mighty fall and oh boy did he ever. I loved the way Damian kept coming back, and when he realized he loved her nothing was going to stand in his way- not even himself. I really loved this book and recommend it highly.
This was a nice fast read. I was cleaning out my closet full of HP novels that I've accumulated thanks to library sales, or giving them out for free when I came across this book. The heroine is a bit older here 32 years old (still gorgeous though since she's a model 0_0) and I think the hero is 38 if Im not mistaken, and yeah, he's supposed to be gorgeous too haha. I'm a pretty formulaic person so I normally like the old HP novels sometimes where the heroine is a virgin, haha and all that jazz. Obviously this heroine is not buts its cool =P Anyhow, the brief synopsis is the main characters meet at a wedding, are attracted to each other and later on have a one night stand which results in a pregnancy and later an unwanted wedding on the bride's side - hence the title. That's the basic plotline. They start to fall in love after they get married, but before they can fully commit themselves, you know someone's got to throw a curveball at them first, haha! Story might sound pretty cheesy I guess but the story was fast paced and kept me entertained ~_~ I read it in one sitting so yeah... I would recommend this book. I think I will place it in my keeper shelf.
This was one of the best romance novels I have read in a long time. The tension, energy and passion in the story were so palpable, I could hardly put it down. Damian Skouras is a wealthy bachelor with a snake-like mistress to deal with. But then, at his nephew's wedding, he meets the bride's angelic but stubborn aunt. When their eyes meet, nothing remains the same again. I really enjoyed this book and the other ones in the series "Wedding of the Year". Superb!

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