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» » Destiny's Magic
Destiny's Magic


Martha Hix


Destiny's Magic



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Zebra (December 5, 1997)





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Destiny's Magic by Martha Hix

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Destiny's Magic by Martha Hix
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Destiny's Magic by Martha Hix
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Destiny's Magic by Martha Hix
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Foretold to meet his bride on his thirtieth birthday, Mississippi riverboat captain Burke O'Brien vows to avoid his fate but nevertheless meets stowaway Susan Seymour, who is fleeing a cruel father. Original.
This book bordered on being a little too wierd and unbelievable, but a little make believe is not always bad. It is the second book in Hix's Magic Lamp Trilogy. The first is River Magic and the last is Magic and the Texan.

Burke O'Brien, a riverboat captain, is destined to meet his bride on his 30th birthday. Long ago, his aunt made a wish on a magic lamp that all three of her nephews meet their brides on their 30th birthday. Burke defies this magic and leaves strict orders with his crew, do not let any female aboard his boat on his 30th birthday. When his estranged aunt shows up with a damsel in distress on his birthday, Burke accepts his fate and marries the blond beauty. She brings with her a stepson and Burke falls in love with both.

Susan, Burke's bride is escaping an abusive partner and fears he will follow them. Susan, a former follower of hoodoo, was the daughter of a noble wealthy British inventor who disowns her when she runs off with the man. When she finds out he is still married, she bides her time until she can escape. She longs to take her stepson, Pippin, and flee for the safety of England. Instead she marries Burke and finds herself in love but believes he is still in love with his dead fiance.

Burke is haunted by the death of his ex-fiance, even though he didn't really love her. He also is looking for the villan who blew up two of his ships and killed several members of his crew. When Susan and Pippin come into his life, he vows to protect them as he failed with others before. When the villan starts threatening their lives, Burke does everything in his power to save his beloved. He thinks she doesn't love him and wants to flee to England and he vows to make her happy.

This book is full of people judging and misunderstanding one another. Also, sometimes the voodoo and the magic genie bit gets a little ridiculous. Other than that, it is very entertaining. I liked both Susan and Burke and rooted for a happy ending.
loved her 'magic' trilogy stories...some of my favorite books ever...fantastic author, wish there were more magical stories from Martha Hix!

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