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» » Death, Dying, And Beyond: How To Prepare For The Journey
Death, Dying, And Beyond: How To Prepare For The Journey


Lama Sing,Al Miner


Death, Dying, And Beyond: How To Prepare For The Journey


Religion & Spirituality

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CoCreations Publishing (December 5, 2006)




New Age and Spirituality



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Death, Dying, And Beyond: How To Prepare For The Journey by Lama Sing,Al Miner

This is a book intended to replace the fear of dying with a joyous expectation that gives peace to life and mastery to the afterlife. "The most common fear expressed to me during the 30+ years as the channel for Lama Sing has been the topic of death: 'What happens to me? Will I just cease to be? Will I see my family again?' In thousands of journeys into the beyond with Lama Sing, I experienced evidence of the eternal nature of life. No one dies; they simply move on. What eternal life they have and where they go is determined by them." - Al Miner
obtuse and hard to read. I could not get into this book at all even though I have great interest in the subject.
Product was as expected and received on time.
My mother knew Mr. Miner back in the early 70's when he first started channeling Lama Sing. Although they both moved away and onto separate endeavors, every ounce of my spiritual learning and belief system over my entire 39 years has been based on the teachings of Lama Sing through Al Miner. My mother recently passed, thus bringing up a plethora of questions for which I had no one to answer since she was always my source and guide for all things spiritual.

Death, Dying and Beyond seemed to be written for me and you will feel it was for you, too. Every word, every turn of the page revealed more and more answers to things that have seemed unanswerable about everything from cremation vs. burial to suicide to how my intense, unrelenting grief over "losing" my mother may be affecting her soul's ability to move on so that it can continue on its intended path. Although I'm still trying to resolve my seemingly infinite sadness, this book gave me a sense of calm, comfort, and a starting point to heal that grief.

Mr. Miner comes across as a gentle, wise and reassuring soul while effectively channeling the priceless messages Lama Sing intended to convey. If ever you had a doubt about the existence of life between and after life, your mind and heart will quickly change after this read and any feelings of anxiety as to the whereabouts and well-being of those who have passed will soon be quelled. This is written in a clear and concise manner, combined with professionalism, respect for the reader's intelligence, and validity, sans a single hint of either religious fanaticism or new-age BS, something this subject desperately needs.

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