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» » The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook
The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook


X. J. Kennedy,Marcia F. Muth,Dorothy M. Kennedy


The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook



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Bedford/St. Martin's; 8th edition (November 28, 2007)




Writing Research and Publishing Guides



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The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook by X. J. Kennedy,Marcia F. Muth,Dorothy M. Kennedy

When it was first published twenty years ago, The Bedford Guide for College Writers brought a lively and innovative new approach to the teaching of writing. Since that time, authors X. J. and Dorothy M. Kennedy have won praise for their friendly tone and their view, apparent on every page of the text, that writing is the "usually surprising, often rewarding art of thinking while working with language." More recently, experienced teacher and writer Marcia F. Muth joined the author team, adding more practical advice to help all students — even those underprepared for college work — become successful academic writers. While retaining the highly praised "Kennedy touch," The Bedford Guide continues to evolve to meet classroom needs. The new edition does even more to build essential academic writing skills, with expanded coverage of audience analysis, source-based writing, argumentation and reasoning, and more.
Mitars Riders
I was hoping to find a decent textbook for an advanced composition class that I teach in Daejeon, South Korea and that is why I decided to give the Bedford Guide a chance. After paying over 65.00 plus another 35.00 for priority shipping (which took almost 10 days; I would have been better off just having it shipped standard shipping)I was really excited when it finally arrived, but that excitement turned to dismay when I saw the book up close and personal. It failed to live up to my expectations. I was counting on some in-depth, practical approach to college composition but it was not what I had hoped it would be. I also found the reader too thin with essays uninteresting.

I am sticking with the Little, Brown Reader next time.

Jeffrey Miller, author of War Remains
The most important part of this title is "for COLLEGE WRITERS"

Solid information for students. There is good information on writing a formal
letter . . . but nothing on a formal email.

There are editions and release dates. These are worth noting.

But as for general knowledge for a fiction writer, Your time is better spent elsewhere.
I don't even remember what class this was for and I'm sure I didn't even use the book.
cheap and definitely in great condition. an amazing price for such a big book
Great for the price, not much I can say it was for school so I needed the book and didn't want to pay too much.
I bought this book used but it looks just like new! and for the price less than $15. is the perfect deal.
thank you
This book is very awesome, it teaches you how to be a better writer and is full of helpful information whether your a college student or a person that is trying to further his or her career with college courses
Great price, got it fast! To bad my professor didn't tell us we would barely use it! Haha, thanks guys.

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