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» » Shades of Black: Diversity in African-American Identity
Shades of Black: Diversity in African-American Identity


William E. Cross


Shades of Black: Diversity in African-American Identity


Politics & Social Sciences

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Temple Univ Pr (February 1, 1991)




Social Sciences



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Shades of Black: Diversity in African-American Identity by William E. Cross

In this controversial and path-breaking book, William E. Cross, Jr., presents the diversity and texture that have always been the hallmark of Black psychology. Shades of Black explodes the myth that self-hatred is the dominant theme in Black identity. With a thorough review of social scientific literature on Negro identity conducted between 1936 and 1967, Cross demonstrates that important themes of mental health and adaptive strength have been frequently overlooked by scholars, both Black and White, obsessed with proving Black pathology. He examines the Black Power Movement and critics who credit this era with a comprehensive change in Black self-esteem. Allowing for a considerable gain in group identity among Black people during this period, Cross shows how, before this, working and middle class, and even many poor Black families were able to offer their progeny a legacy of mental health and personal strength that sustained them in their struggles for political and cultural consensus.
Musical Aura Island
The book met my expectations. This is an experience of socio-psychology that has to be followed from start to finish to receive the most advantageous impact of understanding racial identity. Wm. Cross Jr. is a brilliant scientist of socio-economic America.
sunrise bird
would recommend this book very interesting and keeps you interested. gets you thinking about things you wouldn't otherwise think of.
Completely satisfied.
Product arrived exactly as described!
This is one of my favorite and most important books. Bill Cross is the modern originator of cultural identity theory. Cross's work is vital to understanding multicultural counseling and therapy and how people progress in their awareness of themselves as persons-in-context.

Cross's work is central to the counseling and therapy profession and he ranks as a person hero to me.

Read this book, take it seriously and it will make a difference in your practice.

Allen E. Ivey, EdD, ABPP
Distinguished University Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Shades of Black begins to address the issues of identity for African Americans. Even though Dr. Cross has revamped his assessment of racial identity for African Americans, his inital theory of nigresence remains and is throughly explained in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone interested or studying African American (Black) Identity. Before we can advance the field, we have to understand the foundations of thought in this area.

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