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» » The Cherokee Nation: A History
The Cherokee Nation: A History


Robert J. Conley


The Cherokee Nation: A History


Politics & Social Sciences

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University of New Mexico Press (September 6, 2005)




Social Sciences



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The Cherokee Nation: A History by Robert J. Conley

The Cherokee Nation is one of the largest and most important of all the American Indian tribes. The first history of the Cherokees to appear in over four decades, this is also the first to be endorsed by the tribe and the first to be written by a Cherokee.

Robert Conley begins his survey with Cherokee origin myths and legends. He then explores their relations with neighboring Indian groups and European missionaries and settlers. He traces their forced migrations west, relates their participations on both sides of the Civil War and the wars of the twentieth century, and concludes with an examination of Cherokee life today.

Conley provides analyses for general readers of all ages to learn the significance of tribal lore and Cherokee tribal law. Following the history is a listing of the Principal Chiefs of the Cherokees with a brief biography of each and separate listings of the chiefs of the Eastern Cherokees and the Western Cherokees. For those who want to know more about Cherokee heritage and history, Conley offers additional reading lists at the end of each chapter.

"Conley speaks with a clear Cherokee Indian voice to show how his tribe's cultural characteristics have survived centuries of abrupt change."--The Cherokee Advocate

"[Robert Conley is] in the ranks of N. Scott Momaday, Louise Erdrich, James Welch or W. P. Kinsella as interpreters of the many facets of the Native American experience."--Fort Worth Star-Telegram

This is an excellent, clear and well-written review of the History of the Cherokees, especially since the arrival of the Europeans. Conley does touch on the history before that, but information is sketchy and mostly legend and conjecture. This is a highly useful volume for both the casual reader and historians who do not specialize on the Cherokee. The author has written some seventy volumes on the Cherokee. All are useful and enjoyable reads.
good book
This is a wonderful book to read of the Cherokee Nation, the bests and most informative book you can read on the Cherokee Nation.
I got this book for my Cherokee ancestory and history loving dad. He's enjoying it immensely and said it was the best book on Cherokee heritage he had ever read.
Excellent experience in every way.
Very good information. You will never find this in traditional history books.
Great history

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