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» » Math Olympiad Contest Problems, Volume 2 (REVISED)
Math Olympiad Contest Problems, Volume 2 (REVISED)


Richard Editor Kalman


Math Olympiad Contest Problems, Volume 2 (REVISED)



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Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools Inc (2008)





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Math Olympiad Contest Problems, Volume 2 (REVISED) by Richard Editor Kalman

2nd contest problem book in the series
My son is in 4th grade and has just started to participate in Math Olympiad contest. I found this book to be quite handy that he can practice with it, and have discussions with me on his solutions (or non-solutions), then compare with the result from the book. We found it entertaining that there are often alternative strategies seen from the book or coming on our own that we can cross study. Highly recommended.
Great learning resource.
My daughter worked through the first volume during Math Olympiad at school. We ordered the second volume so she and our son could have a "problem of the day" to work on each morning this summer. They loved the idea and are enjoying this so far.
I purchased this book for my son who was a 4th grader to prepare for participating in Math Olympiad. The structure of the book is excellent. There are sections of hints and solutions. After my son tried hard to understand the math problems for a few times, I allowed him to know the hints. After he finished one set, I went through the five problems with him and reviewed the different strategies/solutions. The process definitely enlighten my son and helped him learn new skills.
This book (as well as the previous Olympiad book #1) is extraordinary. The problems are difficult, make kids think, need deep and careful interpretation and digesting, and nevertheless are bite-sized and do not require advanced math techniques. Most problems can be done in 4-7 minutes. Students can figure out what's going on with very dedicated thought and poking around at reasonable answers, and then a teacher/parent can show the relevant techniques/algebra if the students are ready for it. (And the book has lots of hints/answers/techniques in the back.)

The greatest thing about the book is that students can see clearly how difficult it is, but because the problems are so manageable, they will work and try and finally get there. It's a real sense of accomplishment to just finish a few of these problems, whereas in class the students usually get dozens of absurdly simple problems they're meant to perform flawlessly; where's the accomplishment there?

I have used these books extensively in 5th-7th grade math clubs and classrooms. (It's too hard for 90% of 5th graders, 80% of 6th graders, and 70% of 7th graders.) The kids gain essential skills in interpretation and meaning that they don't get when doing standard problems. For that purpose--if what you want is the most straightforward presentation of the middle school math basics--buy the Spectrum Math for grades 7 or 8. These are fabulous skill-building and practice books.
deadly claw
Very well written problems and solutions. Great challenge of short problems of broad variety topics in math for elementary and middle school ambitious advanced students.
Lightening fast delivery. Exactly as hoped.
My 4th grader likes this book so far. He can handle most of the problem and a few need help. I think this book is the right level for him. I hope he enjoy it more.

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