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» » Turbo Mnemonics for the Boards, 2004: Over 400 Memory Aids to the Most Commonly Asked Clinical Material on the USMLE and Medicine Boards, Second Edition
Turbo Mnemonics for the Boards, 2004: Over 400 Memory Aids to the Most Commonly Asked Clinical Material on the USMLE and Medicine Boards, Second Edition


Bradley D. Mittman MD


Turbo Mnemonics for the Boards, 2004: Over 400 Memory Aids to the Most Commonly Asked Clinical Material on the USMLE and Medicine Boards, Second Edition



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FRONTRUNNERS PUBLISHING; 2 edition (January 1, 2004)




Medicine and Health Sciences



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Turbo Mnemonics for the Boards, 2004: Over 400 Memory Aids to the Most Commonly Asked Clinical Material on the USMLE and Medicine Boards, Second Edition by Bradley D. Mittman MD


Already being hailed as "The Ultimate Review for Boards & Other exams, this book was designed to help you retain better and recall faster. Whether your goal is to simply pass your USMLE clinical steps 2 & 3 or your MEDICINE BOARDS, or you simply want to be the star on rounds & attending pimp sessions, we guarantee Turbo Mnemonics will markedly improve your study efficiency and win you a lot more points on rounds, rotations, and especially the BOARDS! Turbo Mnemonics represents just the memory aids portion of our board review curriculum. Read on to learn about our other incredible products and curriculum or simply visit Frontrunners' website: GOFRONTRUNNERS.

This book was created in order to make your study life and your medicine career easier. With over 400 anagrams and other mnemonics, tips, tricks, and shortcuts, this book LITERALLY spells out what you'll have to know for the medicine components of your USMLE steps 2 & 3, and the MEDICINE BOARDS. Indeed, if you're prepping now for the USMLE, you'll be way ahead of the game when it comes time to take your medicine boards.

As you browse this book, you'll find OVER 400 PRICELESS MEMORY AIDS on all your favorite subjects organized alphabetically by the disease or condition. In addition, you'll definitely want take advantage of the APPENDIX section, which features a SUMMARY of all 400 memory aids found in the book with their page numbers to help you QUICKLY LOCATE your favorite mnemonics or just the information you need! Of course you may simply choose to take advantage of the well-designed and thorough Index section as a final means of look-up.

Each year FRONTRUNNERS offer it's Saturday & Sunday WEEKEND MARATHON REVIEWS, covering 18 hours of highly intensive Internal Medicine Board Reviews, 9 hours each day, and typically offered the first weekend each August. Ideal for most physicians who can only spare a weekend because of a busy practice or residency schedule, it's "fly in Friday evening; get back Sun evening". For upcoming dates/registration info for any of these weekends, CALL 866-MDBOARDs 8A-8P PST. Borrowing from our experience administering board reviews over the years, FRONTRUNNERS BOARD REVIEW has passionately in medicine and the medicine components of the USMLE, as well as current trends in content. We want to be able to share those ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS with you now and do it in a way that is both engaging and, most importantly, memorable!

All of us remember what a lifesaver mnemonics were during our basic sciences, particularly when it came time and tensions were running high. Memory aids saved us tons of time and always improved performance. But there are astonishingly few such resources available in clinical medicine, particularly when it comes to board preparation, certainly not on this magnitude. Clinical mnemonics aren't only important because they help you remember better and recall quicker! They serve two other very important roles. First, they function as TEMPLATES to help you efficiently sort out, process, and even filter through information you've either already acquired or will acquire post-Turbo Mnemonics. In their role as functional templates, you'll also be able SIFT THROUGH THE JUNK and reach correct diagnoses much more quickly and with greater ease, particularly when faced with cases on the boards or the wards. As you acquire new info, you'll know EXACTLY WHERE TO HANG IT in on your framework and you'll see exactly how it fits into the bigger picture! That may even be the biggest advantage of all.

Most all of us would agree that intelligence & performance don't necessarily jive when it comes to standardized exams. Sure, brains matter. Of course, study time matters. Perhaps the most important element, however, is WHAT you study, that is, what MENTAL TOOLS you take into the exam with you.

Are you someone who likes to have the best of everything? Do you suffer from high standards? Then FRONTRUNNERS shares the same affliction and feels your pain! If you've been searching (ok, even just wanting) the best Internal Medicine Board Review, we would like to kindly recommend FRONTRUNNERS INTERNAL MEDICINE BOARD REVIEW SYLLABUS 2009: CORE REVIEW!, hands-down the best review of internal medicine for the Internal Medicine Boards you'll ever find. FRONTRUNNERS INTERNAL MEDICINE Q&A REVIEW (the Q&A companion to the SYLLABUS) features over 1300 quick, content-driven, realistically-designed Internal Medicine Board Review QUESTIONS & ANSWERS to supplement your own board review. See the last page of this book for more information on these excellent resources; or simply visit us any time at UltimateReview dot com.

Here's to you achieving all your goals in medicine. We'll see you at the top !!



Exam review includes more than 400 MEMORY AIDS, tips, tricks, and shortcuts summarizing all of INTERNAL MEDICINE and what you'll need to know to EXCEL on your medicine rotations, the wards, pimp rounds and of course, the boards! With tons of fun and easy-to-remember anagrams, this book "literally spells out" so much of what you'll need to know for first the medicine components of the USMLE Step 2 & 3 and then (if you're going into medicine) the ABIM's Internal Medicine Certification & Recertification Exams! It's basically all of internal medicine presented in memory aids! Nothing like it, and no "memory aids" book comes close! We guarantee your performance on the boards and the wards (and don't forget your letters of recommendation from your attendings for your fellowships, which are largely based on your performance during all of our morning rounds) will markedly improve, even if you don't use memory aids, just using the content alone.

I'm still using this, to prepare for my boards, but it has been a great tool for memorizing a lot of things!
This is definitely what I needed to know! Great book for Internal Medicine Board review. This is an excellent medical textbook. It provides superb approaches to diseases, good descriptions of disease processes, and explains diagnostic procedures clearly. Would definitely recommend this book.
As Residency Director, I invested in Turbo Mnemonics for the Boards and some of Frontrunners other Internal Medicine Board Review resources for our own internal medicine board review prep course in an effort to boost seriously lagging results. All the residents who used the book, which we had to keep on a tight leash, found Turbo Mnemonics to be a truly brilliant review of internal medicine through mnemonics. Retention rates were extremely high with this book when we did our own weekly quizzes. The book is extremely well organized, and the mnemonics are simply genius. All of the mnemonics are either named with a term related to the disease itself that's being summarized, OR are simply so clever, that you can't possibly forget them! In the end, using Turbo Mnemonics, Frontrunners Internal Medicine Board Review Syllabus along with the companion 1300 practice Q&A was the PERFECT recipe for success! For the first time ever in our institution, pass rates shot to 100%, making this Residency Director one happy guy. And residents came back after their exam saying the material in these 3 books was all over their internal medicine boards. Turbo Mnemonics is a brilliant board prep resource and nothing else even comes close when it comes to its 400 extremely clever clinical medical mnemonics. Naysayers (those shamelessly pitch their own products while pretending to be reviewing this book--see below-- only call attention to their desperation and L.O.W. I.Q., a mnemonic which stands for "Low on Wisdom. Insincere Qualms." Because of it's popularity among our own residency program, we ended up having to purchase individual copies for each resident, including our second years, who will be entering the ABIM zone soon. I keep mine next to my Harrison's. Frontrunners has samples of all 3 books on its website [...] Outstanding internal medicine board review curriculum. Frontrunners, thanks for the pass rates. You make us all look good!
I really loved this book because it took risks that paid off nicely when it came to remembering all my medicine for my Step 3 & ABIM exams. It basically takes all of Internal Medicine and presents it as memory aids; very cool. The best part is I didn't need "mnemonics to help me remember the mnemonics". This was due in large part to very thoughtful design, where the anagrams themselves generally are related to the disorder/differential/findings/etc being summarized (eg "P.H.O.T.O." for Amiodarone Toxicities (photosensitivity, photophobia, etc); "P.A.I.N.L.E.S.S." for Ecthyma Gangrenosum; and "Yer Leg B.U.M.P.S. for Erythema Nodosum).

There's also a lot of humor to help keep your eyes wide open (eg "B.A.N.A.N.A. P.E.E.L.S." for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy which both helps to remember the vertical gaze palsy; impaired downward gaze; and frequent falls AND, of course, helps you easily recall the mnemonic itself). All these mechanisms really make a huge difference when you've got to quickly recall critical differentials, findings, key labs, etc in an exam situation, where time is of the essence, and there's little room for error.

My favourite sections of the book were the "Quick Diffs", the "Dermatology Quick Links", and the Appendix itself. The Appendix is priceless and summarizes all 400 mnemonics in the book, and you can quickly find the best memory aid for any topic you have to know or present on, and also helps big-time on rounds every day.

All the clever anagrams, pearls, summaries, algorithms, unique tables, and memory aids in general, really made this book not just a quick read and fun studying, but truly "memorable".

Actually, the BEST part of the book for me was that it was free. I used it alongside Frontrunners Syllabus and their Q&A in prepping for my exams, and it came free when I got my package thru their [...] website.

My favourite mnemonics are "F.A.T. L.I.P.S." for Hereditary Angioneurotic Edema (HANE); "I H.O.A.R.D. G.A.S." for Celiac Sprue; and "B.E.T. T.H.E. F.A.R.M." for Farmer's Lung. But I'm sure you'll have your own. High yield, one of my favourite books, and a huge advantage on my boards.
This book contains a lot of excellent tables, algorithms and summaries that I could not find in any other review book. It seems to be a great companion while doing review questions. I also found this book to be an outstanding source when I prepared for work rounds to teach the interns and students. I can highly recommend this book to all residents. I wish I had it when I started my residency. This is an extraordinary board preparation material as it basically includes the core of the requirements posted by ABIM. It is easy to read; with very affordable tables. I highly recommend it to be read through residency as it highlights important core concepts that you can go and research further for a deeper insight in other kind of textbooks or resources. Is very complementary to frontrunners as it let you round and define the important core material. This book provides a nice balance in terms of thoroughness, readability and ability to pinpoint to the high yield material. Best book review!

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