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» » The Bones of Avignon (The Body Farm)
The Bones of Avignon (The Body Farm)


Jefferson Bass Jefferson Bass


The Bones of Avignon (The Body Farm)


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Quercus Publishing (December 6, 2012)



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The Bones of Avignon (The Body Farm) by Jefferson Bass Jefferson Bass

Book by Jefferson Bass
This is one of a series but it stands alone as do all of them for the most part. There is enough running dialog with the lead character in each book that reading them chronologically is recommended. This book is about in the middle of the series and keeps everything moving right along. The characters are all memorable and the stories in each book keep you hooked to the end. This particular story was about some bones that were suspected to have been those of Jesus Christ. The bones were about old enough, but of course they were not his because according to legend he took his with him when he left the planet. This book took a jaunt back into history and so was clearly off the beaten track of all the other series story lines...that being said, this book could almost stand alone; one might not be sure of who was who and how they got there but it would make for good incentive the read the rest of the books in the series.
Great book
I've not read any "Bone Farm" books before this one and when I found out it was the 7th in a series I was a little worried that I would be left behind in the all important details which give characters their complexity within a shared history. I shouldn't have worried! After getting my head around the two historical scenes, the story line pulled me along at a satisfying pace. Needless to say, I've signed up for more!Loved the details of Avignon, stirred my travel urge. The plot has surprising twists which come together well in the final scenes, and the ending sets up the next book with Dr. B very nicely. Can't wait.
A great, fast-paced novel that was read in two days. Would suit any mystery-lover who loves a bit of ancient mythology thrown in.
The guys are great story tellers
Excellent condition.
Stylish Monkey
I enjoyed the way the story moves from present day to medieval times. Also the development of the main characters relationship
On time and as advertised

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