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» » The Doodlebugs: The Story of the Flying Bombs
The Doodlebugs: The Story of the Flying Bombs


Norman Longmate


The Doodlebugs: The Story of the Flying Bombs


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Arrow (A Division of Random House Group) (May 15, 1986)





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The Doodlebugs: The Story of the Flying Bombs by Norman Longmate

Norman Longmate is a terrific writer, and he covers the Doodlebug campaign in precise detail at both ends of the program -- the Germans who created the V-1s and the Britons who endured them and struck back. The V-1 campaign was typical Hitlerian thinking -- an attempt to win a war based on propaganda, and he believed that if he hammered London with sufficient flying bombs, the Londoners and British government would crack under the "hammer-blows."

As usual, he under-estimated the British and over-estimated his weapons and strategy. The V-1s killed many people, rubbed British nerves raw, forced the British and Americans (American AA guns) to take a large number of counter-measures, but did not stop the Allies from continuing their advance into Germany, nor stop the bombing of German cities, nor make Allies seek peace.

In the end, the V-1s were 1950s weapons being fought in the 1940s, and while they caused considerable tragedy, they had little impact on the outcome of the war. London showed the resilience seen during the Blitz, despite the exhaustion of six years of war.

Mr. Longmate has written several books on Britain in World War II, and his research and writing abilities are considerable. They are well-demonstrated in this book, and anyone interested in this topic would do well to read this book.
heart of sky
This book is light on the development of the V1 flying bomb, and heavy on the damage it caused in and around London in 1945. It contains a multitude of human interest stories about what was damaged, where it happened, and the people it affected. If that's your main interest, this is the book for you.
I was hoping for more info, it's a decent narrative but not exactly what I expected.
Very interesting view of Britain during the V-1 bombardment in World War II. This is one that I will keep.

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