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Wedding To Remember




Wedding To Remember


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Harlequin (May 1, 1994)



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Wedding To Remember by Darcy

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Wedding To Remember by Darcy
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Family thought the worst thing Joanna had ever done was marry Rory Grayson. The best thing she'd ever done was divorce him. As far as Joanna was concerned, she never wanted to see him again. But if she did see him again. Joanna would know she was ready to remarry with a free heart. No regrets, no hard feelings. Of course, Rory, being Rory, had entirely different feelings and a plan!.
HP does some of the best second chance stories. Here the couple divorced when another woman claimed to be pregnant by the husband. Now three years later she is about to become engaged. So she goes to him for closure. Only to be swept off her feet, literally, again. But with the past Will they reconnect? Or the hatred of her own mother keep them apart? What about the other woman?
I liked it. He was in love from the get go and stayed in love even through all her acquisitions. He was carefree and child like in a fun, exciting way that makes you want to know him. They were married for 7 years and apart for 3, 2 of those being divorced. Well, he is accused of cheating and getting a woman pregnant and she leaves him. She goes to tell him she is getting remarried and he abducts her, which was actually pretty funny. They reconnect again and she begins to have her doubts about what she thought happened 3 years before. It is a given that he never cheated, not just because this is a romance book, but because he is him and once you "meet" him in the story you can see that he is absolutely dedicated to her and his love for her. He gave her the divorce because she would not believe him and he wanted her happy. She did not sit around being sexually inactive during their time apart like most heroines do and of course, he did not either but he was no man whore and since she ended it and told him she never wanted to see him again, I do not blame him. I still wish they would have been faithful to each other, that would have made this a near perfect book, but they did not. She was annoying in her constant assuming of him. It is like she was not married to him for 7 years. I understand that they had fallen into a rut towards the end of their marriage but still. I do love that he decorated his apartment based on how she had always told him that she would decorate their home when they had the money. I do not like that he took his sporadic lovers to that home that he made for her. I feel like that was a nail in her dreams because she lost him and her hopes for their future and the home that they would have shared had they stayed together and that other women had encroached upon "her home with him". Other than that, it was a good book. The entire thing is from her perspective!
Some things stand the test of time. Others do not. Both the heroine and heroine were absurd. This book was like looking at a photograph of a woman with bad hair.

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