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» » The History of Hymn Singing As Told Through 101 Famous Hymns
The History of Hymn Singing As Told Through 101 Famous Hymns


Charles Johnson,Mary Ann Thorson


The History of Hymn Singing As Told Through 101 Famous Hymns


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Hallberg Pub Corp; First Edition edition (December 1, 1982)



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The History of Hymn Singing As Told Through 101 Famous Hymns by Charles Johnson,Mary Ann Thorson

This wonderful book contains 136 rare pictures of authors, composers and famous churches, most of which have never before been published and 101 famous hymns, in historic sequence, with biographies of their authors and/or composers. All of the hymns are arranged for voice & piano and include all verses where appropriate. This book starts with the hymn singing at the time of Jesus and progresses in historical order: Catholic hymns and Gregorian chant; the followers of John Huss who are today referred to as Brethren & Moravians; to the evangelical hymns of Martin Luther and the quite different views of his contemporary, John Calvin. Baptist hymn singing is told through the life of John Bunyan; the Congregational through Isaac Watts the "Father of English hymnody", and the Episcopal through the hymns of many famous Anglican hymn writers. Methodists will learn not only of the tremendous contribution John & Charles Wesley made to hymn singing but also of the founding of their denomination (as will Lutherans, Calvinists, Congregationalists & others). In the middle of the book you will find favorite Sunday school songs and the famous gospel hymns. Through the biographies of these writers you will learn of the development of Sunday schools and of the great evangelical crusades. There are several appendixes including: ? A list of illustrations of special interest ? An alphabetical list of all hymns by title ? An alphabetical list of authors and composers
Loved this book!
This book really gives insight to the authors' hymns. It is fascinating to learn of the stories behind the hymns. It also has the sheet music to allow you to play the music.
Giving the basic background of author and thought behind the music, a much forgotten aspect of not only Church history, but of music itself. This is a great reminder of the legacy of those who love to lead worship today. To remember the heart of worship.
Dancing Lion
These are the fundamental hymns of my childhood and that of my parents, presented in a historical format that anchors the context in the mind.<BP> If I had to choose one hymnbook on that proverbial, largely deserted island, it might very well be this one, especially if I had children to teach about thier heritage of song. But then, of course, the island would be far from deserted. <BP> Vital for educators and families, as well as for students of hymnody wanting a place to start.

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