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» » A More Excellent Way : A Teaching on the Spiritual Roots of Disease
A More Excellent Way : A Teaching on the Spiritual Roots of Disease


Henry W. Wright


A More Excellent Way : A Teaching on the Spiritual Roots of Disease


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Anchor Distributors; 5th Edition edition (December 2000)



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A More Excellent Way : A Teaching on the Spiritual Roots of Disease by Henry W. Wright

Revised edition with over sixty pages of new material.
The author helps one to understand the connection between the physical world and the emotional being.
For instance hating ones self is behind a lot of autoimmune diseases. The mind tends to destroy the physical because it constantly gets a negative message.
There were some things I disagree with him about being a family therapist for 40 years.
However for the most part it helps a person understand connections between the spirtual and physical illnesses
This book is a Godsend indeed! I am so glad I bought this book... I suffer from a botched back surgery and have gone through allot in the past 13 yrs. . And needed to realize things mentioned in this book,"A More Excellent Way." I am still working on myself and will be addressing issues soon and getting help from those who are in this ministry. I totally believe in being healed and know I will be,especially now,from what I know I have to deal with in regards to issues within myself.... Pastor Henry Wright is an amazing man, who also has a medical background... I also bought, "A More Excellent Way... Be in Health." Comes with CD and I highly recommend this book too. God Bless
If you are serious about finding the Spiritual "Roots" of disease, this is the authoritative manual. I can't describe how many times I have written Bible Studies, Lessons, Ministered, Counseled, etc.. Quoting the information from this book; which extends upon Holy Scripture. It will be difficult not to refer to Pastor Wright as "Doctor Henry Wright;" however, he repeatedly tells his readers and those who come to his lectures/seminars, that he is "Not A Physician;" however, he is a Spiritual Physician, in my humble opinion. If you counsel as a Layman or Minister; this book should be on your shelf.
Wow! The information in the book is well worth exploring. There is so much of the spiritual world we do not know, and so many hidden gems in the Bible. The author shares his insights, which makes sense to me. I recommend reading this book prayerfully and with your bible. I found it to be very insightful and helpful.
I also recommend the vendor from whom I made this purchase. I received the book in a timely manner and it was in great condition.
I bought this book in 2003 and thought I would read it later. I recently ran across it and believe that it was for such a time as this.
I marvel at the reviews on this book, that are like those I have never seem before. They are testimonies of the Power that has worked on behalf of believers, once they understand the blocks to health and healing are on our side; not on God's. His promises are very clear about this......
I have ordered 12, so far... and sent them to g-children and other relatives and friends. When I realized how much impact the reviews are to others, I regret writing very brief reviews for half of the ones I ordered. I want people to know that if they are carrying problems in the mind, spirit, or isn't necessary. Bless you as you slowly read this book. it is too good to be true;...but it IS.
A More Excellent Way has affected my life profoundly. Most of all, it has made the Bible come alive for me again, and helped me to really believe God for my healing. It is a very encouraging book. The author maintains that 80% of all illnesses have spiritual roots; if you restrict this to chronic illnesses, which allopathic medicine has little successs with, I would agree with him.

The book seems like it is a long transcription of a seminar that the author, a pastor, gives, and although it seems to ramble at times, I found everything in it useful and practical. I was greatly inspired by his digressions. He makes it clear that his very successful ministry (especially to people with MCS/EI) is in its embryonic stage, and that there is much more to learn in this area. He is very honest and straightforward.

The whole book is very Bible-based. It answers the question, "What if everything in the Bible WERE really true and for today, especially about healing?"...I know that might sound like it's a "name it and claim it" book (but it's not) or like it's a book that puts people down who get prayer but don't get instantly healed (but it's not). Instead it's a book that deals with WHY people might not be healed and practically WHAT they can do from a spiritual perspective. I do not feel condemned or put down because I have not yet been fully healed; instead I feel excited about the spiritual healing the Lord is doing and will continue to do...and so at peace about the physical manifestations and the symptoms and the pain I currently have. I look so forward to continuing to follow the healing steps of the "walk out" and to the work that the Lord is doing in my life because of this book.

The end of the book is filled with pages of testimonies (including very detailed MCS/EI testimonies) that are incredibly uplifting, even for people without this particular illness.

If you are ill, discouraged because you've received prayer but are not yet healed, need encouragement or uplifting, I strongly recommend this book. It will bless you and is well worth the money. I would suggest buying it new or in "like new" condition if you could afford it at all because it is a book you will want to refer to often and keep forever.


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