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» » Shadow Spinner
Shadow Spinner


Suzanne Toren,Susan Fletcher


Shadow Spinner


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Recorded Books; Unabridged edition (1999)



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Shadow Spinner by Suzanne Toren,Susan Fletcher

Marjan is a poor, crippled orphan girl, but she is happy living with her aunt and uncle in the Sultan's city. Her hero is the beautiful Shahrazad, who has bewitched the Sultan with her nightly tales and thus keeps him from killing other wives. Marjan wonders what Shahrazad's life is like in the silken rooms of the palace. She will soon find out. Taken to the palace to help Shahrazad find new tales, Marjan realizes that the lovely woman is a prisoner of the cycle of stories. To save her hero, Marjan must not only dodge the dangerous intrigues of the court, but also begin a new chapter of her own life. Popular author Susan Fletcher's fascination with storytelling shines from her version of Arabian Nights. Listeners of all ages will love this fresh approach to the ancient collection of fabulous tales, made even more lyrical with Suzanne Toren's musical narration.
happy light
Every day, when nigh comes, the king kills his wife and marries a new one. When he marries Sharhazad, she tells him a story every night, and the king lets her live another day to continue the story. But, as she runs out of stories, Marjan, a young teenage girl with a maimed foot, comes to find stories near and far. She soon discovers herself in her own story.

I first got this book after meeting Fletcher. I was not quite sure whether to rate this book two stars or three. But, actually, I'd now rate it three and a half. The story was quite interesting at the beginning, and started to get a little slower. The quality of the writing is a positive five stars, but the story strayed a little from Marjan finding the stories. Though it was quite slow, the story did have a great topic and was well written.

I must say the ending was very compelling and mysterious. You felt as if you were there with Marjan. The ending was definitely the best part of the book, which is partially why I rated it higher.

I recommend this book for anyone who's looking for a good tale.

-Gina Bertaina, age eleven
Shadow Spinner is a great "fracture" of Shaharazod. Readers with the big-dream bug, and the travel bug, will love being whisked away by the tales relayed in Shadow Spinner. A beautifully written example of folklore, legend, classic, and personal style all being intertwined.
i read a hard cover copy in high school b4 i graduated and really enjoyed the story. would have love to buy a hard cover copy for myself but paperback was the better option at the time of purchase
In Arabian Nights, Shahrazad is background, and the implications of her condition are never considered. In Shadow Spinner, Fletcher has done a marvelous job of fleshing out the legendary storyteller and her situation.
Shadow Spinner starts 989 days after Shahrazad stopped the Sultan's murder of wife after wife by volunteering to marry him, then telling him stories so gripping, with cliffhangers so huge, that each one buys her another day of life. At this point, Shahrazad has given the sultan three sons and is growing desperate - she's running out of tales to tell, for one thing. Enter Marjan, who comes to the harem with her Aunt Chava, to sell things to the women. Marjan worships Shahrazad, and has collected tales all her life; she knows one that Shahrazad doesn't know, and gets caught up in the intrigue of the sultan's harem as well as Shahrazad's own story.
Marjan is a likeable character, and her experiences are great adventure. Still, the true center of the tale is Shahrazad, and the unexpected stength of the book is its villains. Unlike most YA and children's fantasy, the villains of this book are not all bad; Marjan in time comes to understand the reasons behind the actions of the sultan, his mother, and even her own mother, who hurt her badly years before.
This is a fun story on the surface, with a lot of food for thought swimming just underneath. It's a good read especially for young girls, and it should also appeal to adult fans of fantasy or children's lit. A winner.
My 12-year-old rates this as, "One good book!" We both were captivated by the story and could hardly wait to read the next chapter.
Fast as described.
I remember reading this book as a child and had to buy it and add it to my library. I ended up rereading this book non-stop for a day and a piece. It's also a great inspirational story for life and writers.
A good read-aloud or just for fun!

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