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» » The Pawn (The Patrick Bowers Files, Book 1)
The Pawn (The Patrick Bowers Files, Book 1)


Richard Ferrone,Steven James


The Pawn (The Patrick Bowers Files, Book 1)


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The Pawn (The Patrick Bowers Files, Book 1) by Richard Ferrone,Steven James

For years, like so many of you, when I wanted to read a book it was a trip to the bookstore or a search through Amazon to find a book. I'd only look at mainstream authors and for me that was a Cook, Crighton, Cussler, DeMille, Higgins, Sandford or any one of several others to see what they had out. Now, with the Kindle, so many authors have the opportunity to bring us their hard work, that I feel like a feast has been set before me and all I can get is just a very small portion.

And, one of those authors from whom I will be getting second and third helpings is Steven James because I found The Pawn to be great - as good as any story from mainstream authors.

The Pawn is the first in a series of books that are centered around Dr. Patrick Bowers, PhD and Special Agent of the FBI. If there were a genre called Mystery/Thriller, The Pawn would fit squarely in it. While it's a good mystery at its heart, James takes the reader on a thrilling ride during which I found my heart pounding from the adventure.

The Pawn is a story of redemption on one level. But, working alongside is a story about family values and how they can form the finest relationships in our lives, or how they can be twisted and used to manipulate, which you will find is a sub-theme.

The highest praise I can offer is that I would want Dr. Bowers as a friend. He's not perfect, but he is good.

Read The Pawn and you will discover a new friend, or maybe several of them.

Rating: 4.9 - just great. I've already bought the second book in the series.
This is THE BEST BOOK EVER it causes you to open this book take a breathe and not breathe again until the end. There are like 5 story lines each one more intense than the other. You are so mesmerized. He slaps you in the face right off. There is murder, mayhem, family dysfunction,romance, military cover-up to the highest echelon. Need I go on? Believe it or not it is clean and references to Christianity. It is a hotbed of intrigue. My life is a little different looking at the government, just wait.I am going to read the whole series can't wait to see what's next.
It's scary how an author like Steven James, a regular guy (I guess) can write of the horrors people inflict upon each other. The dark side that resides in all of us....
My favorite parts of the crime shows, like CSI, NCIS, etc are the forensic investigators. I'm amazed how they know what they know, learn what more they can, take the smallest clue and find the bad guy. In written form, Sherlock Holmes is still my favorite, but Patrick Bowers is running a close second right now.

Read this deadly chess game between two brilliant opponents - one a serial killer, the other determined to stop him. The Pawn - which one?
The only downside is now I have to read more Patrick Bowers books. What can I say? I love chess, I enjoy crime thrillers, and now I'm hooked on this series.
Rich Vulture
Characters are generally well-developed. The protagonist, Patrick Brower, and step-daughter Tessa are the most complex and promise further growth and development in future books. Plotting is strong. If the book has a weakness it is so many characters and subplots (that do come together eventually) interact at such a fast pace, that it isn't easy to keep up. It kept me interested enough to read the second in the Brower Files but probably not the remainder. The problem with all thrillers is that predictably the hero wins; good again triumphs over evil and the protagonist has to succeed to be in the next book. James is a strong writer. I actually read his fiction because I was impressed with his book Story Trumps Structure. I'd love to see him tackle a more thoughtful genre -- perhaps another thriller but push it beyond the pattern. .
In 2012, I attended my first writer's conference (OWFI) and listened to the keynote speaker tell wonderful stories and share writing advice bold as any I have heard. That man was Steven James and I assumed his novels would be as entertaining as his oration.

Like many people nowadays, I have quite a reading list. Recently I did some catching up and found the Pawn to be a fairly good serial killer suspense novel.

James has an engaging voice and crafts a story well. Later in the book, the plot seemed to march rather than dance. Lots of challenges were thrown in the path of the protagonist. I began to feel the story lost some of its focus when the Jones Town incident came into the plot.

The lead character, Patrick Bowers, has a troubled step daughter who has resorted to "cutting" after her mother died. Bowers and Tessa's relationship is strained. This added to the stakes and is an issue I haven't read much about in fiction. Though not a main part of the plot, this is one example of how James raises the stakes for his characters.

All in all a good story, entertaining, but I had my hopes set a little too high after hearing James speak. He is a truly gifted orator. The stories he told at the conference had eveyone on the edges of their seats.

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