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» » Somewhere Child
Somewhere Child


Bonnie Lee Black


Somewhere Child


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Viking Adult; First Edition edition (October 28, 1981)





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Somewhere Child by Bonnie Lee Black

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Somewhere Child by Bonnie Lee Black
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A memoir of how a mother lived through the kidnapping ofher daughter by her ex-husband, her search for her child, and how she found strength to continue her life.
Bonnie Lee Black tells her story of a parent whose child is abducted and subjected to parental alienation syndrome with care, fairness, and a tinge of wanting that is neither whiney or self-absorbed. The drama is conveyed with heart, and tells not only her own story, but that of millions who suffer the pain of loss associated with this very real and hurtful issue that deserves more light in our society. The story details the divorce, the loss, the searching and reconnection, as well as the subsequent kidnapping and further loss over the course of more than a decade. The final reconnection with her daughter dispels the truth of just how damaging parental alienation truly is, and why it must be given more attention. Bonnie Lee Black is a courageous woman whose love for her child is tempered with reality and emotional balance. I recommend this book for anyone interested in the syndrome of parental alienation---or simply an entertaining, well-written memoir about a strong, intelligent woman who suffers the unthinkable. As the author of Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children, I'm very familiar with parental alienation syndrome and its devastating effects. I commend Bonnie Lee Black for sharing her story.
This book is the unforgettable journey of a woman whose daughter was abducted by her ex-husband. It is the first and best account of parental abduction and parental alienation told from the viewpoint of the custodial/ alienated parent, who had her daughter taken twice, once at just 16 months old. Set in the 1960s and 70s, this book chronicles a time when parental abduction was not truly seen as "kidnapping" and the author's determination to prove that her daughter being deprived of a mother, and vice versa, was a crime. This was also before parental alienation was the term used to describe the brainwashing of a little girl and her mother's fight to be given a chance, then the inner struggle of whether that fight was causing her daughter more pain. This is also the story of a family, as the author uses flashbacks to illustrate how she found herself, at just 19, marrying a man almost twice her age, who she came to realize was truly a stranger. While at times heartbreaking, Somewhere Child is primarily a book about hope and faith and a mother's deep connection to her child, no matter where she is in the world.
This is a perfectly written heartbreak of a story. The author was manipulated through her young life, first by her own family members and ultimately by a cruel husband whom she was encouraged to marry at a sadly young age. Almost immediately after the birth of her daughter he reveals himself as an angry controller and with the help of his family takes the child away from her mother. But as bad goes to worse she grows stronger in her resolve to do everything in her power to be with her daughter. As her later life testifies, she became strong. Imagine recreating your life in a foreign country in order to pursue the legal search for your child, and succeeding at it. And then, even though you have the legal upper hand, not being able to exercise it because of circumstances beyond your control. And then the common sense to finally understand the relationship can never happen. The last contact with her child feels hopeless, empty, and devastating. Now that I know the author's life subsequent life I am anxious to read her later memoirs.
"Somewhere Child,"recounts the narrator's evolution from a naive nineteen-year-old girl, stumbling into what would become a nightmare marriage to a man almost twice her age, into a mature woman determined to tell her story. And what a story it is. Beautifully written in a style echoing fragments of memory and emotion, this is a tale of parental child snatching and parental alienation. We follow the narrators internal struggle and her heroic and heartbreaking efforts to reclaim the heart and custody of her kidnapped only child, manipulated into rejecting her mother. A sad tale, exquisitely told, this is an important book.
Author Bonnie Lee Black has an excellent weekly blog, WOW. I found out about this book accidentally on her website, and about this part of her life. Never could I imagine this kind, funny, beautiful soul, so full of life and love for giving back to children and mothers in Africa and now in her hometown in Mexico, had lived through (and wanted to die from) this experience no mother should endure. But this book is about so much more. Her childhood, relationships, friendships and how she fell in love with Africa. Her later books are about returning to Africa much later as a Peace Corps volunteer and I am sure her excellent writing style carries through. Yes, I would recommend this and any other book by Bonnie Lee Black.
A heartbreaking account of a very young mother's search for her daughter after the girl was abducted by her father and taken to Africa. It takes place during a time in America when women's rights were even more tentative and independent women were treated even more commonly with suspicion. Over and over, Black overcomes one type of prejudice only to be challenged again by the system and her very strange husband. I applaud the author for her courage to give up so many of her privileges to fulfill her commitment to her child and her own sense of justice. I would have liked to know more about what was like to live in Rhodesia as a single mother at that time but that is probably a different book....overall an important story and an easy read.
Somewhere Child is a powerful, gripping memoir of a mother's worst nightmare -- the kidnapping of her child by the disturbed father. Beautifully written and poignant, it is a masterful depiction of a terribly difficult situation. Once I started, I could not put the book down. This is a book that would be of interest to any reader, not just those facing trauma and loss. The author does an excellent job of weaving her difficult childhood with an alcoholic, abusive father into the challenges she faces as a young mother in an untenable marriage. Moving and important, I highly recommend this book.

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