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Shadow Creek


Shadow Creek


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Shadow Creek

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from earth
After reading the reviews, curiosity got the better of me, and I purchased Shadow Creek to see if Fielding was indeed making the leap to horror. (Maybe I had high hopes that she'd gotten her luster back, even if it consisted of some gore?) I say this because her latest novels haven't intrigued me as the earlier ones did, and so don't rush to purchase them as I have in the past. But aside from a few grisly scenes in the beginning of the book, I found it to be classic Fielding (the current Fielding, that is) minus the jaw-dropping twists. It pretty much follows the path of The Wild Zone in that there wasn't any substantial plot, or characters that I could relate to or empathize with. The banter-like dialogue grew boring at times, and seemed to be filling space rather than moving the story forward. Basically, I plowed through, waiting for the page to emerge that would turn things around, but alas, it never did. And there were a few prominent editorial issues that should have been dealt with as well. Joy is a ridiculously talented writer--you've only to read See Jane Run or Still Life to know what I mean. So why are we no longer seeing her shine?
This book was both a thriller and had a little mystery as well. I will check out more books by this author based on this book but I will check them out from the library because as much fun as this was, its not good enough to make it into my now, very limited library space. I would recommend it but buy used and don't pay too much or get it from the library.
I am sorry, you are one of my favorite authors. If you have access to Amazon sales, you can see that since the last 6 weeks, all I am buying and reading is your books. So much violence is disappointing. People who have read your other books are peace loving readers. Do they have this penchant for ghouls?! I hope all of your books sell well and all that but next time I want to read your book, I will read reviews first.
I enjoy Joy Fielding, have never read a book that I didn't like written by her. Shadow Creek is a little more gory I think then most of her books' have been, but I found it interesting from the first, an easy read, and hard to put down.. I read it in one sitting. ( I am retired, so I don't have hours that I have to adhere to, and I'm not much of a sleeper)
If you don't like blood and gore, don't read this. But it is not as bad as many other horror stories.
I think you will enjoy it if your a mystery lover, and if you have read any of her previous novels, you won't be disappointed.
I was so disappointed because I have read every book this author has ever published but this was not up to standards previously set. It was trashy and seemed written to be made into a Lifetime tV movie.
There was no cleverness and the dialogue was pap! I will think twice before I ever get another from this author.
Sherry B
Really good english, the story contains all the ingredients a really good thriller shall have. But boy o boy can the cook mess it up. The entire story can be told in half the volume if the writer used less filling up with all sorts of unnecessary dialogue and drifting off the subject. The advantage would have been a good thriller. Now I felt I know useless details about dead characters and unfulfilled expectations.

Other than the padding, it is probably a fair story.
I was really looking forward to reading this book both because I enjoyed Joy Fielding's early books and because I live in the Adirondacks,which is the setting. This book reminded me of a Stephen King book - hard to put down but thats about it. I read from another reviewer that it was contrived, and that is exactly what it was. It was very unrealistic. The characters were not likable. The point of the story seems to be that men are cheaters and woman must stick together. Not the message I was looking for.
Undoubtedly, this book keeps up the suspense. I don't know if I liked it as much as some as her others, Mad River Road, for instance but it's hard to put down. I am not crazy about some of the characters in this book, though, but she's one of my very favorite writers and I am always anxiously awaiting her next book.

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