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» » The Girl Who Could Fly
The Girl Who Could Fly


The Girl Who Could Fly


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Unknown (2010)

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The Girl Who Could Fly

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I first read this book as a child and immediately loved Piper. I adored her. She is one of the most heart-warming main characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The author talks to the reader like a companion and you can feel yourself sinking into the world that she creates. I would recommend this book to any child- ESPECIALLY a child who struggles with falling behind in class. Piper herself isn't the most intelligent girl, and that's acknowledged in the book, but her heart is in the right place and that means she can do incredible things. A very important life lesson for children everywhere.
…328 page story a bit rushed at the end, could've used another 100 pages to really end in a better way.. What's the reading audience- 8-12? Piper's "hillbilly" speech takes getting used to, not a lot of violence or swearing ( 2 damn's near the end, not by the children). It's actually pretty readable for adults too even though it's a kids book with just a few big words/terms used.
The ending screams "sequel" and apparently "The boy who knew everything" is that sequel.
At least two editions of this story out, you might buy new as cheaply, or cheaper, than "used".
Overall Review: How many of us have dreamed we could fly? How many of us tried as children only to find--the painful way--that we can't? What if you found that you could fly? What would you do? Piper has floated around a great deal since she was born, much to the chagrin of her parents. One day, she decides it's time to control it! This leads to a series of events that include a ride in a helicopter with some very interesting people, a trip down a talking elevator though a fascinating facility, and meeting up with other kids who are not unlike Piper with all kinds of strange and wonderful abilities!

There is so much in this book--there's the fun of all these children with amazing talents (flying, x-ray vision, telekinesis, super speed, super strength, super genius intelligence, etc.); there's the defining of `different vs normal'--What really is different? What is normal? Whose job is it to decide? And when that distinction is made, what should be done about it? Is it ok to `normal-fy' everything to a perceived standard, or is it better to just love everyone and everything for what they are and enjoy the spice it adds to life?

The Girl Who Could Fly is well written and fast-paced. It is full of the joys of childhood and growing up, and mixed with that little extra edge of `sci-fi' fun! I found myself feeling so attached to these characters--and, oh, how I loved Piper's backwoods-y accent! I smiled and cheered when things were looking good; I cried and sobbed through their hardships and heartbreak. Lovely writing and full of fun for everyone! Overall rating is 5 out of 5 stars!

Content Review:

PROFANITY: 2 Mild and 2 Moderate instances

VIOLENCE: Some mild instances

SEXUAL CONTENT: A few very mild instances

MATURE THEMES: Mild to Moderate


There were 2 mild/moderate instances of profanity (all from one character).

There is some bullying from various characters (includes pushing, destroying others' personal property, threats, etc. A character tortures creatures that are not `normal' in order to make them `normal'; and if they don't become `normal', they are destroyed. There is a chase scene in the sky. A character tells of a sibling's death. A character falls from a great height and dies.

A character has x-ray vision and is twice reported to look through girls' clothes to see their underwear.

The mild mature themes include the importance of showing love and caring for others, and the question of what is `normal', why it's important, and having tolerance for those we perceive not to be `normal'. The more moderate themes include parents who don't want their children, taking children from their parents, and the ethics of separating/destroying/discouraging things that are considered different.

The Girl Who Could Fly is recommended as a Squeaky Clean Read for ages 12+!

This review was written by Emily
A Squeaky Clean Reads Book Reviewer

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I loved this book, my daughter got me to read it and we are waiting for the final book to be published. The heroine, Piper, is a lovable young lady who can fly. Her unstoppable charm and down to earth outlook will endear you to her. Due to her most interesting ability, she gets sent to a special school, where it is definitely not as it seems. Great book for kids to read!
I enjoyed this book very much. It is more than a story about a little girl who can fly. This is a book with a deep message on how persons who are different are treated. It is about determination to do the right thing and making sacrifices. Terrible things happen to Piper but she prevails in the end. An excellent book.
The child protagonist, the girl who could fly, is put in a situation not of her choosing because she can, and does, fly. She has to develop some maturity and judgment in order to overcome the difficulties. She and the other exceptional children she meets need to learn how to work together and use their talents effectively. I'm glad my granddaughter told me about this book.
I loved this book because of the way it was well written in itself and I think that it sets am example for what a book should be like in this format. Setting an example to all who read it this book had me crying and laughing at the same time in to different parts.
Nothing can be more energetic than piper as the author so vigorously put her. It was as if Victoria painted a picture and literally put it in a thousand words. It was a well put story and I was shaking in my boots at their daring escape. Nothing, I mean nothing can be better than super powers put into these amazing children. I take it back it is not just a beautiful story but a wonderful story and I can't believe it is not a movie yet. Then again it is so hard for Hollywood to make an exact replica of the beauty written in this book

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