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Diamond Dust


Peter Lovesey


Diamond Dust


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Little, Brown and Company; 1st edition (2002)







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Diamond Dust by Peter Lovesey

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Diamond Dust by Peter Lovesey
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Diamond Dust by Peter Lovesey
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This review is really about the entire series of Diamond books. It is a great series about a complex and driven detective.

However, I have one suggestion. I think it took Mr. Lovesey several books to find his stride. I recently bought all of the Diamond books on the Kindle Daily Deal and started rereading them from the beginning. The first 4 books are definitely several steps below the quality of the later books. So I suggest you start reading around book 5 or 6. Then if you want to be complete, you can go back and catch the earlier books. You shouldn't have any problems jumping in. Things that happened in the earlier books are referred to, but you don't need to have read them to understand what's going on in the book you're reading.

I have seen these books referred to as police procedurals. They are, but they are so much more. The characters are interesting as the plot and Mr. Lovesey doesn't spend as much time wallowing in the details as other procedurals do. The investigations usually run into several dead ends just like real investigations do, but unlike most police procedurals which proceed in a straight line from crime to solution.

If you like mysteries with cops as the main characters, you should love these books. Some mysteries by English authors can be difficult to understand because they include stuff that is specific to British life. American readers shouldn't have any problems understanding everything in these books. Enjoy!
This time the murder hits very close to home and Peter Diamond can not help the investigation. But of course he does it behind the scenes and gets no where until another similiar murder is discovered.

Another wonderful murder mystery with the great Peter Diamond who can figure out any complicated murder. I won't give the plot away, but it is a complicated one, with a very unlikely murderer (NO, Diamond did not do it).

This one deals a lot with Diamond's private life, and some changes that are extremely painful for him. That is the sideplot, and it is a good one because it does develop his character. If you love complex English murder mysteries, you are going to like this one. Dare you to guess who dun it!!
I am absolutely addicted to Peter Lovesey's Inspector Diamond series. Diamond is indeed a diamond in the rough. He's difficult to work for, he's abrasive, he isn't exactly a feminist (but he's evolving), but he's always thinking. He's extremely human and three-dimensional, as are all the other characters. The mysteries are a delight and not easy to crack. I'm currently on book 9 of the series, and I'll go right on reading them all.
I've listened/read to a lot of the books but wanted to find out what happened to Peter Diamond's wife. Another great addition to this series. I'm very happy that I paid the money for the novel.
The Diamond series must go down as one of the best, if not The Best, in all crime fiction. This is another highlight in that series.
The writing is excellent, the plot is very clever with brilliant red herrings thrown in, and the character of Peter Diamond is full, complicated, real, and sympathetic. A thoroughly satisfying classic mystery story. gcm
My only hesitancy in giving it 5 stars is 1) purely plot oriented, in that I wish it hadn't been so tragic. For reasons I can't disclose without spoiling the beginning, and due to personal experience and 2) writing seems a bit contrived over his previous work.

Put a pall over the entire novel.
In the seventh book in this series, some surprising, disturbing events occur. Our unlikely hero, Peter Diamond, uses even MORE detective skills to suss it out in the end.

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