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» » Death Wore White
Death Wore White


Jim Kelly


Death Wore White


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Minotaur Books; First Edition edition (June 9, 2009)







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Death Wore White by Jim Kelly

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Death Wore White by Jim Kelly
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Death Wore White by Jim Kelly
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Rookie detective Peter Shaw, along with his chain-smoking, hard-as-nails, veteran partner, is confronted with a baffling crime that stretches him to the breaking point.
This terrific mystery managed to combine the impossible. The twisted, logically constructed and resolved puzzle and the character development and edginess of our times. Rich, full and imperfect sleuths, compelling suspects and the harsh and, almost bitter indictment of society. Rich and poor, educated and simple, crooked and law-abiding, all lost in shifting tides of our world. Fortunately, I have the next three books in this exceptional series. I'll visit them very soon.
Unimpressive. I did finish the book, but do not plan to read others by this author. I donated the book to a resale shop.
I enjoyed this book enough that I purchased the second one in the series. Having spent the last 18 months reading outstanding British Crime writers Billingham, Robinson, Hurley etc. I look forward to enjoying the rest. This is my first review for any book. The characters were well developed and the plot lines were good, but it wasn't until the second book in the series that I felt connected to DI Shaw and DS Valentine. In looking ahead I noticed that books 4 and 5 in the series are approximately one-half the length of the first two and the price is nearly doubled. Jim Kelly is by no means the first author to do this. I find it extremely irritating with the authors who do do it. At $12.99 a book for approximately 300 pages it becomes cost prohibitive as I read about two books a day.Sadly, I will stop at the third book for $7.99. Perhaps by letting authors know that $12.99 for approximately 300 pages is asking too much some will review their pricing policies. My library does not carry this author. It would be a great idea if there were a swap club for ebooks like there are for paperbacks/hardcovers.
Hated it. Slow, repetitive, boring.
An extremely pleasant read. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
There might be a good mystery in this book. Probably if it was 50 pages shorter. Endless, boring descriptions. The similes will make you grit your teeth like a teeth gritter. Honestly, way too many similes, most of them trite and none of them add anything of value to the story: "windows of the house were as dark as sockets in a skull", snowflakes "fat, spidery, falling lazily like leaves". Same paragraph. Helpful, given that some snowflakes are like armadillos that fall like sticks of butter. The writing in general is bad. "His overcoat flapped at his knees when he got out but he didn't seem unhappy to be in the fresh air." Here, even the author doesn't know if his character is unhappy or not. The sentence adds nothing to the story and is painful to read. I have been skipping several paragraphs at a time, just trying to get to the end. Too many characters, too many clunky plot twists. Stupid things - a call for help is missed by the DI because, late in the book, and for the first time, he has turned his phone off. He has a wife and child. His wife regularly sends him pics of his daughter. No reason why he would turn off his phone. We are told about excellent interviews without having the chance to read them, as the author is too lazy or lacks the creativity to write them. I have a few pages left as I read most of this through various airports. Save yourself the trouble. Don't even bother with this.
Detective Inspector Peter Shaw and veteran officer, Det. Sgt. George Valentine are sent to look for containers of toxic waste on a Norfolk, England beach. While they are there, they discover a body on a raft, washing up against the shore. The weather is terrible and blizzard conditions prevail.

Not far away, someone had placed a sign on the main road that due to flooding up ahead, motorists should detour to the coastal road. A tree was across that road, stranding eight vehicles. In addition, someone has viciously killed the driver of the first car in line, Harvey Ellis.

When Shaw and Valentine arrive at the scene they are perplexed that even though Ellis' body is found in his car, there are no footprints in the snow.

D.I. Shaw followed his father, Jack, into the police department. He is curently the youngest Detective Inspector on the job. He's teamed up with the tough, no nonsense, veteran, George Valentine. What adds possible tension between the partners is that Valentine had been Peter's father's old partner. Twelve years prior, Jack Shaw and George Valentine made a critical mistake with the evidence on a child killing case, ending Shaw's career. Now, as Peter Shaw is investigating the highway case, he surprises Valentine by asking him to tell him about the old case and take him to the scene of the crime.

This is a well done novel. With only those eight cars on the highway, it is a variation of the locked door mystery. The author's literary style was a pleasure to read and Shaw and Valentine make a good team, the crusty old vet, under the supervision of the young Chief Inspector, who has a talent for forensics and in dealing with the suspects.

My dilemma was that I wanted to get to the end of the story to discover how it ended and yet the book was so captivating that I didn't want it to end.

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