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» » Black Friday (Maggie O'Dell)
Black Friday (Maggie O'Dell)


Alex Kava


Black Friday (Maggie O'Dell)


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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MIRA; 1st edition (September 29, 2009)




Thrillers and Suspense



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Black Friday (Maggie O'Dell) by Alex Kava

On the busiest shopping day of the year, some idealistic college students believe they're about to carry out an elaborate media stunt at the largest mall in America. They think the jamming devices in their backpacks will disrupt stores' computer systems, causing delays and chaos. What they don't realize is that instead of jamming devices, their backpacks are stuffed with explosives, ready to be detonated by remote control and turning them into suicide bombers.Caught up in a political nightmare, battling a new interim director and still mourning the death of her boss A. D. Cunningham, FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell must put her own troubles aside and fly to Minnesota to help figure out what's behind this terrorist attack—a massacre that is all the more frightening because no group has claimed responsibility.The search becomes personal when a tip reveals that one of the college students involved is Patrick, Maggie's brother. Afraid and on the run, Patrick must decide if he can finally trust Maggie enough to help her unravel this horrifying nightmare.Sifting through the debris for answers, Maggie is joined by Nick Morrelli, who has recently taken a job with a national security company that oversees security for the mall. Although Maggie and Nick have investigated several cases together in the past, they've never investigated a relationship with each other. Nick would like to change that.When an informant confides in Maggie that there are other attacks on the secret agenda, she knows that she's running out of time. In less than twenty-four hours she'll need to figure out exactly when and where the second attack will take place, who to look for and how to keep her brother from becoming one of the casualties.
Alex Kava's, Black Friday, takes us on an adventure that can happen any where in todays world. Spl. Agent, Maggie O'Dell, FBI, is a profiler. Her job is to try and understand just what kind of a person or persons, would take home made bombs into a mall and set them off. Video of five young people appear to bring in three back packs possibly filled with explosives. O'Dell's previous supervisor is now deceased. She has a new boss, Kunze, and she feels that he does not like her and perhaps maybe a hiding something. After the attack at the Great Mall of America, O'Dell accompanies her new supervisor plus a U.S. senator, to the Great Mall of America to begin her investigation. O'Dell's old friend, Nick Morrelli, is no longer a prosecutor in Boston, MA. He is now Chief of Security for the owners of the Great Mall of America. A few surprises await O'Dell during the investigation into the bombing. This is a quick and easy read. Don't miss the surprising conclusion of just who and why some people in government maybe in on what has happened. Rate G. No sexual or profound language. DP. Castro Valley, CA.
I have loved all the Maggie O'Dell novels up to this point. I started this one immediately after I finished reading "Exposed", which was one of my favorites. "Black Friday" just wasn't as good as the others. I didn't find it as exciting or suspenseful. I missed Tulley and Gwen in this book. Also, I am getting tired of the whole Nick Morelli story. They are adults....enough games, after knowing each other for several years. Either get them together or stop with the tease of them together. It has gone on too long. One thing that also bugged me....why did she call her half brother her stepbrother? I will continue to read the rest of the Maggie O'Dell novels, hoping this one was the exception to otherwise great books!
I am a true Kava fan. I preorder all of her books. She is only one of two authors that I own all of their books. I was especially excited that this was another Maggie O'Dell story, I just can't get enough and with Nick being back what an added bonus!!
When I received the book I sat down and started reading immediately! I must say that in the beginning I was drawn in to the story. Towards the middle till the end it was not holding my attention as had been anticipated. I still read this book in a weekend even though the story seemed rushed and I felt there were things left out. It seemed short for all that was happening and the plot. The emotion did not seem to be there and it didn't seem like the characters really portrayed the intensity of the situation.
Over all I enjoyed Black Friday but it is lacking compared to her earlier novels, I will still continue to purchase her books I just can't help myself.
If you are a fan it is worth the read and should be added to your collection.
Alex Kava is the best author I have read in a long time. Her books are extremely hard to put down so be warned you will lose sleep. I bought every one of her books and read them in order as they were written
I love the Maggie O'Dell books by Alex Kava. She grips your senses from the 1st page, and then you have to hang on from there.

This book was riveting and a great thriller, The Black Friday concept is what caught my attention. I would never have thought about when I go out to a mall the day after Thanksgiving, that there would be a bomb at a place I would be shopping. This book will make you think about that, with the way the world is today.

All in all I really enjoyed this book, but the ending fell a little flat. If you are a Kava fan and a fan of Maggie ODell then you will enjoy this book. I hope that this story will continue in another book to help tie up some loose ends!
Her characters are reliable as are her stories. Unfortunately I the world we live in, Alex Kava keeps her stories fresh and relatable. In this book, she shows Maggie also has a heart and how complicated things can get when her half brother is involved in a terrorist attack.
A good "B" novel-plot driven-meager attempts at character development-outcome predictable-fast read for a Sunday afternoon when your husband is watching football or on the golf course-(unless, of course, you share those activities with him)-The main character is very likeable-strong woman who is a pragmatic problem solver and gets things done-surrounded by strong men who challenge her-superficial conflict with her supervisor-no real development of conflict or depth to it-it just exists-but if you want distraction and action it is a good read---
I have enjoyed the Maggie O'Dell books. The author keeps the story interesting and intertwines enough details about the characters that keeps you wanting to read more.

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