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» » VENUS IN COPPER. A Falco Novel.


Lindsey. Davis




Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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HUTCHINSON. LONDON 1991; First Edition edition (1991)





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VENUS IN COPPER. A Falco Novel. by Lindsey. Davis

Rome, AD 71. Marcus Didius Falco is deperate to leave the notorious Lautumiae prison - though being bailed out by his mother is a slight indignity... Things go from bad to worse though when a group of nouveau riche ex-slaves hire him to outwit a fortune-hunting redhead, whose husbands have a habit of dying accidently, leaving him up against a female contortionist, her extra-friendly snake, indigestible cakes and rent racketeers. And, all the while, trying to lure Helena Justina to live with him, a dangerous proposition given the notorius instability of Roman real estate. In a case of murder as complicated as he ever faced, this Lindsey Davis' classic tale Venus in Copper shows Falco at his very finest.
I really love this series...the depth of the characters & the story keep you guessing. Marcus always figures out the mess he is presented with. This book had lots of twists & turns & kept me guessing through most of it....a truly great read.
In this third book of the Falco series, our erstwhile "informer" is hired to suss out the intentions of one recently engaged gold-digger whose previous two marriages ended in disaster for her betrothed. But, before Falco can piece the lady's plan together, her fiancee is killed, the gold-digger's suspectedness is questioned, and a sophisticated lady comes to reside -- for good -- in Falco's new high-society apartment.
Davis continues to delight with the Falco series. Humor once again pervades the narration but is much subtler and wittier than ever. The story, too, is more subtle in its development and much more appealing to a mass market audience, not just fans of the genre.
Well written and worth reading.
I am a big fan of Lindsey Davis' Marcus Didius Falco detective stories. He is an Informer (private detective) who periodically gets assignments from the Emperor Vespasian (around 70 BC). These are great fun, light hearted, and give you a real feel for what it must have been to live in Rome during the Roman Empire. His problems center around the fact that he is in a sleezy business, in love with and marries a Senator's daughter and has to come up from his Plebian status to be worthy of her. On top of that he has to contend with all his crazy family members.

Currently (2010), Lindsey Davis has written 20 Falco mysteries. Like all story series it helps to know the preceding stories (The Silver Pigs and Shadows in Bronze) to completely understand the Venus in Copper.

The BBC Birmingham has done the first 4 stories and the voices chosen are well suited to the characters. The plot encompases a number of murders and lots of blind alleys he finds himself in as he tries to unravel the mystery. The side story involves the Emperor's son Titus lusting over Falco's sweetheart, the Senators daughter. All in all it is a fun way to spend 3 hours.
My daughter, a history major, turned me on to this series. It is so much fun to read. I almost (almost) feel like I'm walking around the empire in these books. Everything I know about life in Rome (I'm no expert, but I've read quite a bit on the side) gels with these books. I'm looking forward to reading every one of them.
Lindsey Davis' hero and heroine Falco and Helena are the most appealing fictional characters I've read in a long time and I got very emotionally involved with them.
Love Falco and Helena.
It's Falco. He's always an enjoyable ride into the underbelly of Vespasian Rome.
I have read all of this series. Love them. Wanted to read them again in order.

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