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Primal Fear


William Diehl


Primal Fear


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Random House Audio; Abridged edition edition (January 26, 1993)




Thrillers and Suspense

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Primal Fear by William Diehl

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Primal Fear by William Diehl
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Primal Fear by William Diehl
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Primal Fear by William Diehl
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Chicago, 1983. A sainted bishop is found murdered, mutilated, and dismembered in his chambers. An angelic-looking young man is discovered moments later hiding in a confessional, covered with blood, clutching a butcher's knife -- and proclaiming his innocence. Appointed to defend this alleged monster is Martin Vail, a brilliant, brash -- some say devious -- attorney who thrives on controversial clients. The stage is set for a complex and unpredictable legal battle and a terrifying excursion into psychopathology that won't soon be forgotten.Show of Evil, the sequel to Primal Fear, is also available from Random House AudioBooks.Will Patton has appeared in many films, including: No Way Out, Desperately Seeking Susan, Silkwood, A Shock to the System The Rapture, Romeo is Bleeding, and Copycat.
This is one of my favorite books by William Diehl. It's characters are so real, so well developed that you fall right into the story from the beginning. Aaron Stampler is found standing over the beloved Archbishop Rushman holding the weapon that caused his death. Cushman is known for his love,compassion,and work with troubled youth. Aaron Stampler is one of those kids. Yet here he is holding the weapon and standing over the dead Archbishop. Did he do it? Aaron pleads do he didn't, he just found the Archbishop and stupidity picked up the knife. The police don't believe him and book him for the murder. Aaron Stampler is so complex, deeply troubled, yet as sympathetic a character you could every find. You will be constantly drawn deeper into his world of pain and abuse.

Martin Vail is the 'hot shot lawyer who meets with Aaron and takes the case. At first to him it's just another case, yeah, yeah sure he didn't do, but I'll do my job and get the kid off. Why? I'm just that great 'hot shot' lawyer. Slowly things change, stuff stops adding up. The Archbishop maybe isn't what they say. Aaron makes bold claims against him. And suddenly Vail realizes this is much uglier and sicker than he could have thought. That Aaron could truly be innocent. Though many twists and turns you are kept both guessing sand on the edge of your seat until the final unbelievable last twist.
Good book, fast read. Much better and more disturging than the movie. The book goes into much more detail and the reader gets to know Aaron better. An ending that you can see coming but is none the less is surprising and shocking. A homeless, stutterting kid with the face of a angel commits a horrifying murder. He is caught with ease but claims he remembers nothing. He has, as has happened before," lost time". The case should be a shoe in for the Prosecution. Everything points to this young man and he is a perfect candidate for the death penalty. The defense attorney is assigned the case pro bono. He's tough, smart, successful in defending criminals and does eveyrthing his way. But politics and powerful people have decided he has to suffer a loss, and be put in his place. He does a stellar job of defending this kid. That Aaron has committed this awful murder of an Archbishop is not in question but is he really responsible for his actions? A dark and twisting psychological drama. I could not put the book down. The battles in the court room were terrific. I read it in less than two days. I could guess the ending but it still left me stunned. Primal Fear may have been around for a while but its's a great read. Highly recommended.
A good book a little outside my recent genre. Enjoyed the lawyer Martin and his work. The size of book and the pace of the story would have suffered but would have loved a little more of what made the prosecutor tick.
Enjoyed the twist but the thing that downed the experience was poor editing. Seriously?
Did someone just hit the change all in their word program? Consistent mes where the should be thes . Other similar mistakes elsewhere. Sorry but that stole from the story.
What a book! I suppose this is more of a whodunit or whydoneit than a thriller, but that didn't make it any easier to put down.
Marty, the top defense attorney is handed a pro bono case, mainly so that the forces in power (DA, judiciary, etc.) can see him floored by an open-and-shut case he can't win in a thousand years. Only Marty never gives up. Not even when maybe he should.
The book is wonderfully written, giving us insight into all the players, major and minor alike. Some reviewers compared it to the movie ... but let's face it, a movie can't be more than an illustration for a book. To get the real/full picture, you need to read this book, not rely on a movie.
If you are ever in need of an attorney, you want someone like Martin Vail on your side! When told that he had to take the case of the boy who killed the archbishop as a pro bono case, Vail knew it was a punishment for his recent win against the city. Though Aaron Stampler professes his innocence, he is found hiding in a confessional with blood all over him and a carving knife in his hand. The same carving knife used to kill the archbishop. The DA figures that this is a slam-dunk case, while Martin Vail tries to figure out a way to save Aaron from death row. As the legal battle unfolds, you will be taken in by the very nature of the crime, the personality of the accused, and the secrets that the powers -that- be do not want revealed.

I'll just say this...everything is not as it seems, and when all is said and still isn't over.
Super P
I really wish I could give this book ten stars!
Arron is a psychological, schizophrenic. Only he doesn't think he is. In his mind he's only a 19 year old who doesn't know what he wants to do in life. He suffers from black outs. When he's in a black out here comes Roy to the rescue. Or is Roy the bad one? Split personalities are just one of the minds way of staying safe and sane.
I totally recommend reading this book! It captures you from the very first page! But be forewarned that this is an absolute mind boggling journey full of twists and turns with a very wicked ending!
crazy mashine
An old fashioned courtroom drama with a psychological bent will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Believable characters, an imaginative story, and the mysteries of the human mind all pull readers into the dark abyss.
I enjoy thrillers and this one had enough twists and turns to keep me riveted right to the end. No spoilers - giving anything away would be criminal. Let it suffice to say that this is like an extreme roller coaster that saves the biggest hill for the last. A legal thriller, murder mystery, and psychological conundrum all in one. Truly a 5 star read, with only one reservation - there were some problems with the editing but they were relatively minor (though they'll hopefully be addressed in the next edition). Do yourself a favor and don't even read the synopsis - the less you know, the better. Just start at the beginning and make sure you have your seat belt on tight...

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