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» » Cat Who Dropped A Bombshell
Cat Who Dropped A Bombshell


Lilian Jackson Braun


Cat Who Dropped A Bombshell


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Penguin Audio; Unabridged edition (January 5, 2006)





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Cat Who Dropped A Bombshell by Lilian Jackson Braun

Koko's strange new hobby of dropping himself from balconies has landed him in the oddest of places--a young visitor's head whose wealthy relatives soon fall deathly ill, making Qwill have his work cut out for him. Simultaneous.
This book was like reading someone's private journal making it disjointed and actually boring at times. First book in this series that I skimmed through from midway to the ending. Even though there are many Mr. Q private journal entries throughout the book I did expect some coherence of a story and a mystery. The "mystery" if you can call it that was obvious from the onset and not much of a mystery at that. I've read almost the entire series and have noticed that the books supposedly written by the author and published in 2004 and later are seriously lacking the writing skills, plot design, and character depth and interaction of the earlier books. For a reader new to the series I would suggest staying with the books published prior to 2004. I'm sad to say that I am now done with this series. The last few published after 2004 can stay where they are.
I'm re-reading the series as an adult and it is pretty clear that this is not one of the best stories. There were some sentences that literally repeated within in a chapter or with extremely minor modifications. Polly and Arch said things and asked questions that seemed really out of character. While reading this book I thought maybe a ghost writer had helped finish a story that Ms.Braun had started. Sometimes characters popped into the story briefly like it was expected they should be in the book, even though they didn't contribute much to the plot or add detail to the world the author has created. The paperback copy of the book had several pages that just had pictures of a falling bomb or blank pages to make it look like it was the same size as the other books in the series, when it reality it was pretty short. I really like reading this series, but I've felt that most of the books published in the 2000's seem rushed or lack some of the detail that the earlier books contained. If you have to read the entire series I would recommend only getting this book on sale. If you are new to the series please start with one of the earlier books and enjoy the world of Moose County and Quill before reading this book.
Went Tyu
This book appears to have been finished somewhat sketchily, but its author was over 90 at the time it was published (2006). Books about mundane everyday life and living with cats probably bore mystery buffs, and that's what this one was really about. Even with the loose ends in this book, the story was interesting enough for me. The short fictional interview in the back, where Qwill interviews the author, tells me that she knew herself to be near her own ending (2011). It sounded so very much like his interviews of elderly women who died not long after, in the series. Alas, in real life people take much longer at dying, and do so with less dignity, than happens in fiction. But, that's why we like to read fiction, isn't it?

I salute the memory of Lillian Jackson Braun, and I give this book four stars because I really did enjoy reading it. I can't give it five stars because it wasn't tied together properly at the end. I certainly won't give it three stars or less because I have plenty of books in my library that make less sense than this one, which I enjoyed much less and which were written by authors in their prime.
I have just finished reading the 28 books in this series. I enjoyed them a lot and overall thought they were entertaining. I needed some light reading and they filled the bill. I think I also stuck with them because they were familiar and I knew pretty much what I would be reading. I am a very fast reader and hated to finish the series so soon. I did skip the last book as the reviews were really negative. I wanted to be left with good memories.

Now on to the long list of books I have waiting. I have had a long list of Siamese, and I think I enjoyed Ko Ko's and Yum Yum's stories due to that.
This the third The Cat I've read. The first two were earlier in the series. Sadly, I feel Braun lost her touch in her later books.

The plot meandered, plodded, and rambled. Qwillerian (and everyone else, really!) never showed much if any great curiosity or urgency about solving the crime as in past books. In fact, the crime and suspects get rather sidelined by a chapter or more of details regarding a kitten auction. When I got to the end, I literally thought, "What? Wait! That's the ending?" The tension building up to the end was negligible and the ending anticlimactic.

Compared to other books in the series, I'm disappointed.

Braun's books, while firmly planted in the cozy mystery genre, have always alluded to a clever author writing for mere pleasure. If she had dialed down the corniness (For example, see The Cat Who Moved A Mountain and its names of mountain towns including Big Potato Mountain), could have actually left the cozy mystery genre entirely and wrote sweet yet more serious mysteries AND still kept the cats and Qwillerian as her main characters.

Sadly this book misses the mark. I'll be returning it and stick to earlier books in the series.
I have read almost all of "The Cat Who" Series by Lilian Jackson Braun. I was first attracted to these by the fact that they are set in Michigan, but I loved the stories. Ms. Braun is excellent at descriptive prose and makes her characters seem real. I began reading these as paperbacks, and they are still on my shelf along with other favorite books, which I admit I re-read. This is one of the later books set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Quill and cats rumble the lay of the nefarious murderer intent on inheriting a fortune. With friends and visitors finish with satisfying surprises. Thanks Lillian again!!!
I've read almost all of LJB's The Cat Who... books and love them! Its about a newspaper man who adopted the cat of a victim and they have all kinds of mysteries that the cat helps solve. Don't worry if you haven't read the first book (or two) she does an intro at the beginning of each book to keep the reader up to speed.

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