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» » A Cold Day for Murder (Kate Shugak Series)
A Cold Day for Murder (Kate Shugak Series)


Marguerite Gavin,Dana Stabenow


A Cold Day for Murder (Kate Shugak Series)


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Brilliance Audio; Library edition (October 18, 2011)





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A Cold Day for Murder (Kate Shugak Series) by Marguerite Gavin,Dana Stabenow

Eighteen months ago, Aleut Kate Shugak quit her job investigating sex crimes for the Anchorage DA’s office and retreated to her father’s homestead in a national park in the interior of Alaska. But the world has a way of beating a path to her door, however remote. In the middle of one of the bitterest Decembers in recent memory ex-boss ― and ex-lover ― Jack Morgan shows up with an FBI agent in tow. A Park ranger with powerful relatives is missing, and now the investigator Jack sent in to look for him is missing, too. Reluctantly, Kate, along with Mutt, her half-wolf, half-husky sidekick, leaves her wilderness refuge to follow a frozen trail through the Park, twenty thousand square miles of mountain and tundra sparsely populated with hunters, fishermen, trappers, mushers, pilots and homesteaders. Her formidable grandmother and Native chief, Ekaterina Shugak, is ― for reasons of her own ― against Kate’s investigation; her cousin, Martin, may be Kate’s prime suspect; and the local trooper, Jim Chopin, is more interested in Kate than in her investigation. In the end, the sanctuary she sought after five and a half years in the urban jungles may prove more lethal than anything she left behind in the city streets of Anchorage.
Hesitant about getting this book (as so short) but glad I did & then continued with the series. Thankful there are 21 books in series to date in 2017 & hope there are many more in future - not all the books are short. Should read in order to help become familiar with previously mentioned people & incidents. I've really enjoyed Kate Shugak's no nonsense manners and her wonderfully expressive/protective Mutt. Don't remember how I came across Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak books (maybe because listed under Diana Galbadon's Methadone book list ??) - but liked the hat tip to Diana Galbadon's Jamie Frasier in one of the books as Kate mentions him. The build ups are slow with lots of Alaska history (of which I know nothing but found very interesting), wild crazy Bering Sea fishing and very interesting cast of characters with family/friends dynamics. I've wondered if Dana Stabenow enjoy's diet 7 up and if her characters are based on people she knows. Thank you Dana Stabenow & keep them coming... great reading. Got paperback book not kindle/eread book as noted on review. Paper books don't need charging !
When I noticed A Cold Day For Murder was only $1.99 at Audible, I went back to look at my review here on my site. . . and realized, there isn't a review here. Hum... Being a HUGE lover of Dana Stabenow, I am somewhat flummoxed that I only have a review for Fire and Ice, which is from her Liam Campbell series, reviewed on site. Well, fiddle. There are nearly 950 reviews on Amazon, so my review won't make that much difference I suppose - and seeing as how I have over 500 reviews on Amazon (yea!) I am not going to go through pages and pages to see if I wrote reviews before I started SIRTBT. So, here is a short review (Me? A Short Review?! Will wonders never cease?)

Kate Shugak is one of my favorite female characters of all time. Tough and determined, she is also damaged and flawed - in other words, a very real, very human character. Kate is Aleut, raised by her grandmother Ekaterina, a former Tribal Council she grew up in The Park, "twenty million acres, almost four times the size of Denali National Park but with less than one percent of the tourists." Occupied by Native Aleut and a collection of oddballs and "stay away from them or you will get your ass shot - and you might be dinner as well" types, The Park is a wonderland - and a cold, heartless land where the slightest misstep could mean a brutal death.

The story itself has been well described by others, and you get the gist from the summary. What I want to tell you about is the world of Kate and her tribe. The Aleut have suffered for centuries, first at the hands of the Russians, then the Americans, and Stabenow weaves that story in to her narrative - giving you a good idea of just why the tribal members could really care less that a rich little white boy has gone missing - good riddance to the Outsider with the rich and powerful daddy.

What is truly breathtaking about Stabenow's writing is her descriptive narrative - her true love for her native land shines out through her writing. And being a huge Marguerite Gavin fan, I am always pulled into all of the Kate stories.

Book Two, A Fatal Thaw, is now on Audible, and I can finally add it to my collection! There are 20 books in the series now (book 11, Singing of the Dead, is still not available on Audible, but hopefully whatever is keeping it unavailable will be corrected soon.)

I will warn you - if you like the first book, they are like potato chips - you can't listen to just one!
This review is for the Audible edition.

Another book that proves I either have prognostication powers or I read it before. I kept thinking, "This sounds familiar" throughout the whole book. The mystery conclusion was really sad because things could have turned out so much better if people would stop thinking only about themselves. I'm planning on working my way through the series. Very good series. Marguerite Gavin was the narrator. I've listened to her in other audiobooks and didn't know if that would taint my appreciation of this book but she did a great job. 4 out of 5 stars.
Loving Alaska history, Aleut Culture, suspense, murder, a smidgen of romance all weaved into a perfect beginning to a great series about a very courageous, intelligent, determined, driven woman born into an Aleut culture that brings pioneer living and all of its challenges to a boiling point.

Almost two years ago, the very beautiful, skilled, intelligent, accomplished full blooded Aleut Kate Shugak resigned her position as a detective for the Anchorage District Attorney's. Her four years as one of the most successful sex crimes investigators came to screeching halt.

After a life and death traumatic situation, Kate heads to her refuge on her father's primitive homestead cabin in the Alaskian Bush located in a national park in the interior of Alaska. She is soon surrounded by her "village" of family & friends that are "blood" bound to help her heal. She is one of the descendants of a very powerful family lineage that she has deliberately ignored for 8 years but soon realizes what an important part she plays in the intricate design of such a powerful and magnificent race of people.

Kate is recovering and exploring her new life back home content with baking bread every day, hunting, fishing and storing her food along with chopping her own wood and doing odd jobs here and there to get by. Her calm peaceful new life is interrupted when her ex-boss & ex-lover (hunky & yummy)Jack Morgan shows up unexpectedly to ask for her help in locating a missing Park Ranger and the missing detective that was sent in to locate him. It just happens to be one of the coldest Decembers in recent memory.

Kate has to make a decision. Is it time to get back to work and put all of that education & experience to good use or tell Jack to take a hike? Is Kate willing to take her devoted companion(Mutt)which happens to be 1/2 husky & 1/2 wolf along with her to track what on earth could have happened to this Park Ranger & the detective that was sent in after him?

Kate has to deal with her formidable, demanding & manipulating grandmother which is Tribal Native Chief, Ekaterina Shugak, when she suspects that one of her own family members may be involved. Just to spice everything up the local state trooper, Jim Chopin, seems to keep popping up.

Excellent read.....and series.

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