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John J. Nance




Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (June 10, 2004)




Thrillers and Suspense

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Headwind by John J. Nance

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Headwind by John J. Nance
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Headwind by John J. Nance
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Headwind by John J. Nance
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In Athens, a Boeing 737 noses into the gate, and its crew is suddenly confronted by Greek officials waiting to arrest one of its passengers, a beloved ex-President of the United States, John Harris. Captain Craig Dayton, believing Harris' life is in danger, stages a daring escape by backing the jet away from the gate without clearance and taking off down a vacant runway. The dilemma for Captain Dayton and his precious cargo is that Peru has signed an Interpol warrant for President Harris' arrest, using the same treaty employed to extradite former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. The Peruvian government alleges that Harris is personally responsible for a supposed CIA-led strike against a biological weapons factory during his term of office. But the nightmare for Harris - and the U.S. State Department - is this: There is no place to hide, because almost every nation in the world has signed the treaty and every one of them must honor the warrant and give Peru what it wants - a president to humiliate on the international stage. Captain Dayton flies Harris and his crew on an against-the-clock mission around the world to find a safe haven, while Harris' rumpled and out-gunned lawyer wrestles an international team of legal sharks snapping at their biggest prize yet.
After reading nearly all of John Nance novels and enjoying all of them I might be repetitive in my constant praise of his talent, but it is true because his novels are so good.

Headwind is the mixture of adventure when the former US President is trying to find a country where his plane could land and a legal battle carried out on his behalf to prevent his extradition on trumped up charges to another country bent on that President's destruction.

With the ex- President's plane flying from one country to another and with teams of lawyers waiting in each country with the extradition warrant the tension is mounting from page to page.
What is truly amazing in Headwind that even usually boring for me court trials and legal procedures kept me really interested and tense.

Time well spent reading that book!
Craig Dayton is the American pilot of a German 737 passenger jet. After boarding travelers in Athens for a flight to Rome, Craig is faced with the Greek police who want to arrest one of his First Class passengers, John Harris, a former President of the United States. Harris is wanted on an Interpol warrant initiated by the Peruvian government. Peru charges that Harris, in violation of an international treaty against torture, sanctioned atrocities that occurred during a CIA-sponsored raid on a Peruvian heroin factory during the Harris Administration. As a former U.S. Air Force pilot now in the reserves, Dayton's instinct to protect a former Commander-in-Chief takes over, and he backs his jet away from the gate, overturning a loaded baggage tram in the process, and vamooses out of Dodge, so to speak. Thus begins a chase across Europe, Harris in the 737 pursued by the Lear carrying Stuart Campbell, the international lawyer retained by Peru to bring the fugitive to bay.
HEADWIND is an engrossing read if one accepts the shaky premise that an American pilot, sufficiently dedicated to guard the welfare of an ex-President, would also be enough of a cowboy to endanger his job, his crew, and the 118 paying passengers aboard his plane. To a certain degree, Dayton is a hero of the plot, though a bigger one is Jay Reinhart, a friend of the ex-President's and an expert in international law, whom Harris retains as his attorney. Jay, a former Texas District Judge, has recently been reinstated to the bar after having suffered a suspension for falling in love with a female defendant on trial in his court for murder. In any case, Jay now has to scramble from his Wyoming hideaway to Europe where the chase is on.
Author John Nance does a swell job alternating the action between foreign courtrooms and the 737's flight deck, and there's sufficient tension, especially in the latter, for me to have gnawed away the edges of my expensive manicure. (Darn! Where's that emery board?) And all the while there's the question, "Is Harris really innocent of the charges?" After all, there's that pesky videotape.
Although the ending is cloyingly happy as all loose ends are tidied up - a pet peeve of mine, HEADWIND is the perfect thriller for your next plane flight. If you're going roundtrip coast to coast, you'll finish before you touch down on the home leg. Check to see if any of our ex-Presidents are in First Class as you board, and yell "Hey, Bubba!" if you see Bill.
Elastic Skunk
OK. Let's get the biases right up front. I am a pilot, a lawyer and I have an interest in politics and current events. So naturally I am going to give five stars to a book that deals with all four, right? Not so fast, Pilgrim.
Mr. Nance has earned his rating with this novel which details the efforts of the President of Peru to arrest and extradite a former United States President under the Treaty Against Torture (the same treaty that Chilean ex-President Pinochet recently dealt with). The story takes us from Greece to Sicily to London to Belfast and to Galway as well as from Laramie, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado on a ride in a Cessna Skyhawk that none of us would want to have been on. The international flying is an odyssey of the finest kind as the captain of the German commercial airline's 737, a US Air Force Reserve Officer, tries to keep his former Commander in Chief from being arrested much to the chagrin of his British First Officer who sees their jobs evaporating with each new escapade.
Add to the excellent flying portion of the story, a chess game on the ground between two international lawyers with very different backgrounds and the story only gets better.The Peruvian government has hired a British Barrister who is tops in his field. The American ex-president hires a former partner, who while once a very able international lawyer, has had a bit of a time of it lately, having been disbarred as a Judge and suspended as a lawyer and is waiting out his suspension teaching classes at the University of Wyoming when the call comes.
The Peruvian government seems to have irrefutable evidence of the crimes of the former president and therein lies more twists and turns in this most compelling novel.
The characters are well drawn, the dialogue flows smoothly and the story moves seamlessly across the pages of the book until, alas, you are at the end. Looking for a page turner? Look no further.
Excellent book and storyline. Each book that I read of yours continues to blow my mind that you have allowed me to escape into each fascinating story as it unfolds. Truly love art of flying a commercial airplane in some really hazardous conditions and the excellent abilities of the pilots to pull things off for a safe landing. Thank you once again for this splendid book. Looking forward to your next book.
Boring and repetitive. Could not get into it. Probably just me. I tried another one of Nance's books and couldn't get into it either.
Wonderful book from beginning to end. One of those you don't really want to put down when you have other things you need to do.
Exciting, a real page turner. Mostly authentic except that a portable GPS does not work in the cockpit because of the layer of gold in the glass.
I deleted it

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