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» » Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues
Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues


Michael D. Johnson


Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues


Medical Books

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Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc (January 9, 2001)




Basic Sciences

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Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues by Michael D. Johnson

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For courses in human biology.

This package includes Mastering Biology.

Explore Human Biology in Relation to Current Issues, in the Text and Online

Through his teaching, his textbook, and his online blog, award-winning teacher Michael D. Johnson sparks interest in human biology by connecting basic biology to real-world issues that are relevant to readers’ lives. Using a storytelling approach and extensive online support, Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues, 8thEdition not only demystifies how the human body works but also drives readers to become a better, more discerning consumer of health and science information. Each chapter opens with Johnson’s popular “Current Issues” essays, and within each chapter, “BlogInFocus” references direct readers to his frequently-updated blog for breaking human biology-related news.

Personalize learning with Mastering Biology

Mastering™ Biology is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product proven to improve results by helping readers quickly master concepts. Readers benefit from opportunities to practice basic science literacy skills, using interactive resources that create engaging learning experiences. Effective activities in Mastering Biology help readers further visualize and understand complex biological processes.

0134042239 / 9780134042237 Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues Plus Mastering Biology with eText -- Access Card Package

Package consists of:

0134254902 / 9780134254906 Mastering Biology with Pearson eText -- ValuePack Access Card -- for Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues 0134042433 / 9780134042435 Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues,8th Editionis also available viaPearson eText, a simple-to-use, mobile, personalized reading experience that lets instructors connect with and motivate students – right in their eTextbook.Learn more.
Tough subject for a lot of people but this was an excellent resource for the Human Biology class I was required to take. I didn't buy this book and only rented it through Amazon textbook rentals. But this was a great book and I used it often in my class. If this were my field of study and I needed to keep a book like this as a reference book, I would have absolutely purchased this book. For any middle-school, high school, or college kids that need a book on Human Biology for their science requirement, I think this would be a great book to learn from. If your assigned textbook isn't cutting it, it may be in your best interest to rent this, buy it used, or even invest into it for your college requirement. This book was truly the life-saver for this class for me--it was a required course and I'm not a fan of science or science classes. If you are doing a Biology with a LAB requirement and chose HUMAN BIOLOGY, this book will be PERFECT and NON-INTIMIDATING. I was very happy with this textbook and was so grateful it was made into a book with plenty of illustrations, keynotes, and bold print so I knew what to concentrate on. The way the book is structured breaks it down into different Body Systems, and thus it's even easier to process. The BIOLOGY WITH LAB REQUIREMENT course was a big scary monster in my head, and this book made all the difference in how well I ended up doing to the class. If I needed a permanent reference book on Human Biology, this is a great overview book and it's entirely comprehensive.
Though this is exactly what I needed for my class, this is not great for beginners. I'm not sure if that's because of my teacher, or the demands of the online class, but this book is incredibly dense and hard to comprehend.You certainly have to be ready for it. If your teacher is requiring that you use this book, and you don't have a prior background in biology or anatomy, I would recommend taking the course with a different instructor. The chapter introductions are always deceptively interesting as they relate to current events, but the remaining chapter material goes over my head except with the highest levels of application. This is hard stuff, but still relevant nonetheless.
Perfectly fine book. Just didn't like that it was said to be delivered to my front door an it was in my mailbox.. way after the mail.normaly runs around 12:30pm-1pm.. it got there maybe around 2:30 maybe 3 since the kids where out of school...had to walk all the way down to my neibors because they normally get our stuff.
I have used this for practicing chapters that I had trouble with. I received an "A" in the class. Yes, it works only if you practice. This is what I did ! I had a sheet of paper handy. I went over a chapter to review to see how much I retained. Trust me it took several sheets to get it but I did finally. I do recommend only for the students who go the extra mile in their education. Sincerely, RN4LIFE 2016
The author and the book are great ! The publishing company not so great. I contacted the author Michael Johnson, asking for help because i was struggling both financially and academically and wanted access to some of the online study help. He responded to me immediately and informed me that he had contacted the publishing company and that they would be in touch with me and that he would help in any other way he could in the meantime. they refused he stayed in touch through my finals.
The front cover was folded like shown in the picture..I just rented it, so I hope I won't be responsible with the damage part.
Seemed like a high school textbook
Mine came with an acccess code. I already knew the material so I didn't read it or bother with it, but the pictures looked nice. I bought this edition instead of the newer one because I knew I was going to get an A anyway. The books are the same.

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