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» » Death In Hyde Park
Death In Hyde Park


Robin Paige


Death In Hyde Park


Literature & Fiction

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Berkley Hardcover; 1 edition (March 2, 2004)




Genre Fiction



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Death In Hyde Park by Robin Paige

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Death In Hyde Park by Robin Paige
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When an anarchist accidentally blows himself up with a bomb intended for the royal family during the new king's coronation ceremony, Kate and Charles Sheridan join the investigation to uncover who is threatening the British crown, a plot that may involve American author Jack London. 15,000 first printing.
This entry stars Jack London and fictional but representative Anarchists. In addition we have a return visit from the girl Kate helped back in Whitechapel. Upon the coronation of Edward, an anarchist blows himself up in Hyde Park causing a police raid at an Anarchist newspaper. The editor escapes and turns to her actress friend for help who turns to Kate to help. Meanwhile, Charles has been roped into investigating whether there is a continuing threat to the Crown. Jack London too is involved he has met the Sheridans via literary connections and upon seeing the escape becomes obsessed with the editor. Police corruption, fingerprints as evidence, and social changes all play a role in finding out how the bomber came to die.
These books written by Robin Paige are actually written by Susan Whitting Albert and her husband. Of course if you have read anything by Robin Paige you probably already know that. I thoroughly enjoy books written by Robin Paige. They take you to the heart of London England during the time of Queen Victoria and her son King Edward and his queen Alexandra. It is like taking a train to a whole different place and time - the customs are so different, not to mention the clothes as well as traveling in and around London in the late 1800's and even into the early 1900's. I think that it is fun to see how the local villages and even the large cities reacted to all the items which were being introduced to the world during these times. Even though the people were so different I can never avoid identifing with various characters and their problems. If you are considering trying Robin's stories for the first time-- please do yourself a favor and jump in the story will no doubt transport you to a very enjoyable mystery/ Enjoy and happy reading.
Golden freddi
This is the 10th book in the Victorian-Edwardian mystery series. Kate and Charles are going to attend the coronation of King Edward when an anarchist blows himself up in Hyde Park. The king asks Charles to aid in the investigation. The plot revolves around Russian anarchists, an underground newspaper edited by a woman, Charlotte Conway, who escapes from arrest. She asks for help from her friend, an actress whom we met previously as a girl who knew one of the Jack the Ripper victims. The historical character that plays a key role in the story is Jack London, who is researching a book on the slums of London. Unfortunately, although the historical details were interesting, I did not enjoy this mystery nearly as much as prior books in the series. It feels like Kate and Charles play a peripheral role in the story and it lacked an emotional connection for me.
Another good book in a series I've enjoyed since the first. Dragged on a bit in some parts, but well-written, thoroughly researched, and a plausible outcome that tied up the loose ends nicely.
The husband-and-wife team that is Robin Paige has been producing a solid mystery series. They are set in the end of Victoria's reign and the beginning of Edward's, so they are both Victorian and Edwardian. The husband-and-wife detectives face interesting problems and interesting historic personages. While there are a few twists, the mysteries are moderately challenging to the reader - you will get there before the Sheridans, but perhaps not by much.
Drawn by Robin Paige's use of real people from historic times, I had to get all of the series of Death...... books. Too bad the couple who write under the name Robin Paige stopped creating after twelve. Delightful re-reads, as well.
This is an engaging series in which the history of the period and real personalities from the period are woven into complex, satisfying plots. The books are very readable and I am sorry I am now on the next to last. This one is about the bombing attempt against King Edward and Queen Alexander.
Love all of Robin Paige's books.

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