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» » Crossroads: An Anthology
Crossroads: An Anthology


Elizabeth LaShaun


Crossroads: An Anthology


Literature & Fiction

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Kirabaco Publishing, LLC (June 30, 2011)




Dramas and Plays



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Crossroads: An Anthology by Elizabeth LaShaun

Welcome to the Morning Perk, the best place in the neighborhood to grab a bite to eat, network, meet and mingle. The hustle and bustle as the traffic from every walk of life passes through its doors gives insight into four intriguing stories of love, lust, revenge, jealousy, and murder. Meet Wednesday's Customer, Elijah Bower, a man who lives a charmed life, enjoying the finer things in life, who changes women like he changes his clothes, a man who, for a price, would eliminate any breathing human being whose name you wrote on a piece of paper. Feel Stacy's pain as she recalls the innocent words: "It's only For One Night," she told her with a beautiful smile. For reasons she still can't explain she believed her. Now she's pregnant by a man she met one time. Her dilemma deepens because she doesn't have the slightest clue how she should break the news to her lover Janelle. Maybe Brenda should have studied The Pre-req-ui-sites of Per-di-tion: something that is necessary to an end or the carrying out of a foundation, before utter destruction a little more carefully that day. Brenda has a secret that has started to unravel her mind. Danger is everywhere as the wrath of those she has wronged is hot on her heels. Will the truth turn her life into a wasteland she can't escape? Today Tony was reaching out, In Desperation; to the last person in the world he thought could help him. Last night he was in heaven; asking the woman he loved to marry him. She accepted and he was on top of the world. The next day she disappeared and he found himself under investigation by the police. Then there was the Bald Man--mysterious, single minded, lethal. He wanted Tony dead.
Its not strong enough to simply type OMG, it requires the words OH MY GOD!!! This was so good doggone I don't know where to start. I have been a fan of Kr Bankston and Elizabeth LaShun for a short while now, however Keith William and DK Gaston are equally as talented. These authors took me on a roller coaster ride that has me up at 3:21a.m in the morning writing a review. This Anthology was OFF THE FREAKING CHAIN!! Surprisingly KR's character was the most sane of all. However, if you know her work, then you know to describe any of Kr's characters as sane is a loose use of the word..(LOL) So this is how each story prepares you for the ride of your life. First Kr's starts us up the ramp with ruthless and heartless in "Wednesday's Customer". I loved Elijah and I was happy about him and Jazzy. Next we move to manipulative and insanely jealous in Elizabeth's "For One Night" , as she gradually takes up to the peak of the ride. That darned Janelle was a serious piece of work and I really felt bad for Stacy, however things worked out for the best. Moving to the top of the roller coaster is Keith K. Williams' "The Prerequisites of Perdition", Dirk truly was a heartless monster. Finally moving 150 miles an hour at jaw-dropping speed, we have DK Gaston's "In Desperation". We have move from ruthless and jumped all the way to manic and diabolical. The Bald Guy will have you saying What The What!! It bears repeating "OH MY GOD!!" I felt it coming, however I was still not prepared!! These stories were so good I wanted go to the beginning and read them all over again. As usual I want more!! This is definitely a MUST read!! I am in awe of this gruesome foursome!! Bravo!! Y'all did the dang thang!!
Kr Bankston, and Elizabeth LeShaun , I purchased this book exactly one year ago 2/11/12 and never read it! What a big mistake, ladies, as you know I love, love, love....both of your work. You two have kept me up late at night for many nights, laughing, crying, and being very angry and in love with the characters of your stories. I am so glad I finally read this book, which I kept going back to bring it to the front of my tbr list. The stories included characters who held my attention, and were actively engaging. Some were carried throughout the whole series (excellent idea). This was the first time I had read anything written by Keith Williams and DK Gaston, needless to say, I will be reading more of their work, also. In fact, I have to go through my library because I think I have something by Mr. Gaston already. Ladies and gentlemen, I would enjoy another collaboration from you guys, the flow was excellent, the plots were excellent and the action great!!!
The characters in this anthology have two things in common. A small friendly staffed cafe called the Morning Perk and problems/secrets.The way each writer included the patrons and their favorite eatery was interesting.

KR Bankston's story of a killer for hire and the waitress with the 'I want you back boyfriend' was well written and suspenseful.

Elizabeth Lashuan's story of a selfish bisexual woman...'I'll have my cake and eat it too' attitude was jaw dropping.

Keith K Williams did a good job on his 'this is just sex' story....there are consequences that can be drastic.

DK Gatson's story of 'how well do you know your significant other?' was a good mystery.

When all said and done the Morning Perk is full of mystery...this anthology did a good job in tying the stories together but yet keeping them separate...each writer showed up and put their own personal touch on it.

This anthology is one of the better that I've read in long time.

Congrats to all of you.

4.25 rating.
This was my first Anthology I have ever read. Not really knowing about the layout of how it was going to be written, I was curious to find out what the stories were about. Through each story I read, it amazed me on how each writer captured characters and scenes in the background which brought the characters to life in the following stories. One story that caught my eye was Wednesday's Customer the character Elijah notice a man sitting in the corner booth at the diner but this time he was alone, usually he sat with a women and her kids. I wondered about that guy for some odd reason, but when I read the third story The Prerequisties of Perdition the man in the corner booth came to life. And from that moment I understood how an Anthology is written. This book is definitely a page turner, it is held with true emotion,excitement,murder and curiosity written from all the Authors that joined forces to complete this book. Kr Bankston, Elizabeth LaShaun, Keith Williams and DK Gaston achieved an awesome Dynamic 4 Sum. This is a must read!
LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS ANTHOLOGY!!! I loved how it didn't start off slow and then heat up, Kr Bankston set it off hard and hot, perfectly blending the characters and situations to meld into the next Authors story, then Elizabeth LaShaun picked it up and kept it going with her own spin adding even more heat, Keith Williams did his THANG, and DK Gaston had me a little confused as to how his story meshed with the others but I figured it out lol, all in all this was a great read. I would love to just sit in the Morning Perk Diner and people watch! Great Job Guys!
I'm totally floored. I'm usually not a fan of short stories however, after reading Crossroads, I have a change of heart. I enjoyed every minute of it. Packed with suspense and detail. This by far is the best Anthology, I've read. Each of the stories bought something new and real. If the authors are reading this review, I'm all for full length novels (smile). I can only imagine the work the authors put in making this book. I applaud them. Their stories spoke to me, grabbed my attention and didn't let go until the end.

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