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» » Nicole of Prie Mer: Book One of the Latter Annals of Lystra
Nicole of Prie Mer: Book One of the Latter Annals of Lystra


Robin Hardy


Nicole of Prie Mer: Book One of the Latter Annals of Lystra


Literature & Fiction

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Westford Press (November 1, 2003)




Genre Fiction



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Nicole of Prie Mer: Book One of the Latter Annals of Lystra by Robin Hardy

One hundred years after the Great Surchatain Roman of Lystra . . . The beautiful Chataine Ren?e meets Nicole, 17-year-old daughter of a humble tailor, at the fair and insists she come for a visit to the palace at Westford. Raised in a peasant village on the coast, Nicole is unprepared for the sophistication and treachery of palace life-but her father has decreed that she shall not come home without a rich or noble husband. Nicole's prospects include Counselor Carmine, handsome but disinterested; Commander Ares, who carries the pain of his past, and possibly even Surchatain Cedric himself. But these are dark times for the little province of Lystra, and Nicole discovers that in the presence of danger, even good men may veil the truth.
After having been a huge fan of The Chataine's Guardian (I confess, I bought 10 copies when they went out of print) I was surprised to recently discover that Robin Hardy had written an entire "latter" series for Lystra. And what a treat to download immediately to my Kindle reader! Slightly predictable? Yes. Do the Nicole and Ares characters bear a strong resemblance to Dierdre and Roman? Yes. But the land of Lystra is still enchanting, the characters are clear and defined, and grow throughout the story. I recommend this as an enjoyable read - especially for those who are familiar with the earlier Lystra series.
This is one of my all time favorite books! Like her other books, the author spares NO ONE. She drags us kicking and screaming into the very heart of all that matters in youth, marriage and friendship. She illustrates our greatest and sometimes private fears, but takes us to the other side of them as well. Her characters are people in our own lives-some are people we like to keep at a distance, and sometimes people we have forsaken for cause, but we don't get that luxury in these books! I learned a lot about myself as I wanted to veer away from the circumstances that the characters live thru, and was changed when I arrived at the other side. I am impressed that Robin wrote about life inside the marriage (and did it with tact, still depicting walking with God as well as human nature), because even Christians can have an amazing marriage ~ it is time that truth is told! Robin also expresses the character's insecurities and need for God's help in this very important matter-marriage. As Nicole gets to know her husband and his side of his own story (as we all have), she is challenged to find where her commitments Robin reveals all that is common to women. Nicole's strength in her choices needs to be told, especially to this generation! Is there not a married woman who does not get another invite-it is the classic and most used device our enemy welds against us, addressed by God so long ago on Mt. Sinai-thou shalt not... Robin teaches us thru their experiences to walk worthy yourself, to stay the course, and what being loved by a worthy man is like. Robin also teaches us to trust God as all the drama unfolds, and thru Ares-that our decisions to follow Christ reach into generations to come! If anything, it would encourage our young ladies to look for the Godly man and not settle for what seems appealing to our eyes (for we also get to know the heart of the other men who want Nicole). Roman won me, and I searched thru these books to hear more about him- we Love those Polonti boys! I watch Ares and root for him, willing him to finally become the man of God he was born to be. He must overcome the physical marring and insecurities that we all must do, stand up and stand down as circumstances require, pray and then bow and pray some more, and learn how to believe God thru it all-but the author doesn't make it clean. She stirs the pot as only Robin can! It seems that only by being wounded, shocked, and emotionally thrashed, can we appreciate that shedding these layers isn't wounding us at all, it is teaching us what being Christ-like is all about-choosing to keep the faith and stay the course, while all the drama that is life comes at us from all sides. I didn't even read the backs of the next 8 books-they are so good you just go from book to book, then start over!
I was so thrilled to find Robin had continued on with the stories of Lystra. I loved Chataine's Guardian and wasn't disappointed with Nicole of Prie Mer. Throughout the story, I found my emotions tossed around, wanting good things to happen for Nicole. Her innocence, but wisdom in how she reacted to things she couldn't control was commendable. Everything was so vivid and somewhat fast paced. I couldn't put it down, though I did so the story would last longer. :) Can't wait for the next installment. (Please have it in Kindle format!)
Great read...can't wait to start the next one!!!!! I felt like I was right back at Westford!!! I first read The Chataine's Guardian when I was about 13- and that's when I discovered my love for reading!!!! I'm 41 now-and Nicole of Prie Met did not disappoint!!!
I waited for an addition to the Annals of Lystra for at least a year after finishing the first series. I can't tell you how excited I was to read this book. The characters are so real and so much fun to read! If you've read the first Annals, you'll find some similarities between Roman, Deirdre, and their descendants, which just makes the book that much more enjoyable. It's a delightful read, and I highly recommend it!
Love, love, love the latter annals! If you were a fan of the first annals, then you will love these.
This book was an amazing book. Love Robin Hardy! She is a great Christian author. I would recommend her books to anyone who likes Christian novels.
A humble tailors daughter comes to the palace of Lystra at the request of the spoiled daughter of the Surchatian (ruler of Lystra). She immediately meets Ares the Commander of the Armies of Lystra and gets Married!!

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