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» » The House at Sunset (The House Trilogy)
The House at Sunset (The House Trilogy)


Norah Lofts


The House at Sunset (The House Trilogy)


Literature & Fiction

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House of Stratus Ltd (January 1, 2000)




Genre Fiction



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The House at Sunset (The House Trilogy) by Norah Lofts

The House at Sunset is the third in a trilogy of novels by Norah Lofts about the inhabitants of a country house in Suffolk from the late fourteenth century to the middle of the twentieth. Covering the period from 1740 to 1956, it traces the lives of its characters through the Georgian and Victorian eras and into the modern age. Written with Lofts' customary attention to historical detail, it follows their fortunes as history moves inexorably towards the post-War period and the accession of Elizabeth II, so different from the fourteenth century when serf Martin Reed first built the House.
The book is all right, but not something I will recomend.
If you are a Nora Lofts fan, you will not want to miss this ongoing saga. House at Sunset is one of three books in this great series. It can be read as a stand alone, but much of the richness is missed. It is well written and transports the reader to another time and place. Well crafted as are all of the Loft novels.
This is a 50 year old book. It completes a Triology and I've been searching for a decent copy for years. The book including the dust jacket is in pristine condition and I am delighted to have it.
I was living in England when I read this my first Norah Lofts book. Her writing is very original and you will never be able to predict what is going to happen in her stories. They are like real life and if you read more than one of her books you will find her characters are in other stories sometimes just on the edge but you get to read about them again. After I read this first book I read more and more of them until I became hooked on her writing and now have almost the entire collection! Some of my books are in very bad condition and I would love to have new hardbacks of them all. They are slowly being reprinted so don't miss out on them.
You will never find a better author anywhere!
Elastic Skunk
The final book of the trilogy, "House at Sunset," is a bit different from the previous two books, but is still a very rewarding read. The stories are still historical fiction, but the characters tend to be a little different, and sometimes a little more villainous than the characters in the previous two books. Nonetheless, the stories are very interesting, and the book comes to a satisfying ending. Very good read all around.
Ordered for wife she loved it . Fast Shipping and in perfect condition excellent seller .House at Sunset (Hardcover) by Norah Lofts
Excellent read. All her books are very good historical fiction.

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