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» » Midnight Star (Star Quartet)
Midnight Star (Star Quartet)


Catherine Coulter


Midnight Star (Star Quartet)


Literature & Fiction

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Severn House Publishers (February 3, 2001)




Genre Fiction



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Midnight Star (Star Quartet) by Catherine Coulter

English heiress Chauncey Fitzhugh travels to San Francisco to take revenge on Delaney Saxton, whom she believes is responsible for her father's bankruptcy. But Saxton is far from a cold-hearted villain, and Chauncey finds herself fighting a powerful attraction.
I’m having trouble with analyzing my feelings over Marie Lu’s The Midnight Star! She brought about an epic conclusion to The Young Elites trilogy in a way that I never saw coming! Though I was sort of betting on one part of the outcome, though it was such a small thing to be right about in the big picture, which ironically made me insanely happy despite a few tears!

Adelina is queen now, she pretty much has everything she could ever want, but yet, her new life is not all what she was hoping for. Violetta, her sister, has run away from her and joined the Daggers. Violetta wanted her to give up her powers for she feared they would eventually destroy her. Driven by her powers and the voices she’s heard since coming into her powers, she searches for Violetta, whether she wants revenge or reconciliation isn’t too clear, but soon a new travesty will take her full attention.

Adelina and Magiano find themselves in cahoots with the Daggers, the very ones who had turned against Adelina. Raffaele speaks of a prophecy of sorts that basically says that all the Young Elites with their gifted powers will eventually die from them. That in order to save all of them and thus the world they know, they will have to give their powers back to the gods and goddesses. Adelina isn’t too fond of this plan since she in fact loves her powers and how she’s become so much stronger with them, but when she sees that her sister is ailing because of her own abilities, Adelina knows she must at least try.

I’ve always felt for Adelina in this one. Perhaps I am not remembering the first book well enough, but I felt like at every turn Adelina was always pushed into being a villain. Her choices were taken from her and she was forced to help Teren in order to save her sister. Her newfound friends turned against her and never seemed to want to hear her side of things. I’ve just felt heartbreak for her. True, she has made some crazy scary choices over the course of the series. The powers that she gained seemed to have gone straight to her head and she couldn’t really think clearly.

There was still a nice dose of romance scattered throughout the book! Even with Enzo coming back to life in a somewhat zombie-ish-like form, I was still pretty much Team Magiano! He continued to stay by Adelina’s side no matter what happened and I admired him for that! Their romance wasn’t overly gushy or lovey dovey and I loved that about it too! I loved that their feelings ran deep and the ways that they did show affection with one another was endearing. Would I have minded just a teeny bit more kissing? Naturally! But I still enjoyed what we got regardless!

The pacing and action in this one was pretty incredible as well! Going from a search for her sister amid all the different countries to a journey that is fraught with extreme danger made for a heart-racing read indeed!

I had heard that this book turned people into an emotional wreck and oh my goodness, I so get it now! I feel wrecked over several things! So much happened, so many tears were shed for so many different reasons! And yet, I have to say that the ending was pretty satisfying in the long run, despite all the emotional turmoil I endured! If it wasn’t for that tiny little extra piece that we had at the end, I think I would be more of a blubbering mess right now. As it is, I’m just emotionally wrecked! Lol! That I have dealt with before, so it’s nothing new! Needless to say the ending was pretty freaking perfect all things considered!

Marie Lu is an author who just knows how to write incredible, heart-touching, and soul-wrenching stories! She is extraordinarily talented and I cannot wait to read more stories from her in the future!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars
WOW! This book was a lot darker than the other two books in the series but then again even in the darkest of places there is always a little light that shines though. There are not many books out there that has done what Marie Lu has accomplished in the final book of the Young Elites trilogy. She ended this book with a sense of completion and manage to wrap up all the ties in this book without it feeling forced. I am for once satisfied with an end of an epic trilogy. I still enjoyed Rose Society better but this book came really close to surpassing it. Let’s discuss my thoughts shall we.

Midnight Star is centered around the ending of Rose Society. The Young Elites powers that were blessed to them by the hands of the gods are beginning to turn against them. There bodies weren’t meant to handled the god powers. We get to finally see where the blood fever that gave the Malfetto’s their powers originally came from or at least the event that sparked it. In order to save the world we need to get a reunion all up in here to stop the death of world.

“We were never meant to exist, Adelina,” he says. “And we will never exist again. But we cannot take the entire world with us.” He meets my gaze. “No matter how it has wronged us.

Adelina is now the Queen of Kenettra and is search for her sister Violetta after she abandoned her at the end of Rose Society. Adelina’s rule is built on her people fearing her.

“If I’ve learned anything from my past and my present, it’s the power of fear. You can give your subjects all the generosity in the world, and still they will demand more. But those who are afraid don’t fight back. I know this well enough.”

In this book we get to see a darker side of Adelina as her powers begin to turn against her she begins to slowly lose control. The growth in this book that Adelina goes through is truly beautiful. No matter how much the darkness pulls at her there is a light a the end of the tunnel and it has a name Magiano.

“Adelina, stop.”
It is Magiano. Magiano. Stop. The name is a small light, but it is there, and I cling to it in the maelstrom around me. I falter as he reaches me and pulls me into a rough embrace.

Magiano became one of my favorite characters since Rose Society when we first seen him. He is the complete opposite of Adelina where she is full of darkness, he is full of light and joy. He is extremely protective of Adelina and sees her not for the monster that everyone including herself sees her as.

None of us are saints. I have seen your darkness, yes, and know your struggle. I won’t deny it.” He touches my chin with one hand. At this gesture, the whispers seem to settle, pushed away where I can’t hear them. “But you are also passionate and ambitious and loyal. You are a thousand things, mi Adelinetta, not just one. Do not reduce yourself to that.”

I loved the relationship between the two of them and how even when Adelina loses control Magiano is the one to bring her back and make her smile.

Teren in this book is in a way still considered the villain. Pretty much all he has previously been preaching about the Elites is true. I am sure he is having a nice long laugh. Teren has always been a character that I am conflicted about. I can’t decide if I want to hate him or love him. He is a complicated character and let’s just say after the events that took place in Rose Society he is a little unstable. I really did respect the ending that was gave to Teren.

Raffaele is still a character that I don’t really like. Everyone seems to love him, but I still see him as the shady guy who wanted Enzo to kill Adelina in the first book Young Elites and pretended to be her friend. I can’t let it go. He does redeem his self in this book a little for me though.

That ending was everything a reader could hope for. Marie Lu wrapped everything up with a scary ending, and then she gave us hope. I don’t think I have ever ended a book series and said I am completely satisfied until now. This whole series was prefect from beginning to end. The only negative I really have about this book is that at the beginning I felt like it dragged out. It seemed to take longer than the others to get to the plot of the book. After we got to main point of this book it was a thrilling ride with twists and surprises around every corner. All in all a wonderful book and an end to an amazing story.

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