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Sharon Williams,Karen Kingsbury




Literature & Fiction

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Brilliance Audio; Updated edition (February 28, 2007)




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Divine by Sharon Williams,Karen Kingsbury

Mary Madison was a child of unspeakable horrors, a young woman society wanted to forget. Now a divine power has set Mary free to bring life-changing hope and love to battered and abused women living in the shadow of the nation’s capital.

Mary is educated and redeemed, a powerful voice in Washington, D.C.―both to the politically elite and to other women like her. But she also has a past that shamed polite society. Her experiences created in her paralyzing fear, faithlessness, addiction, and promiscuity. At the crossroads of her life, only one power set Mary free and gave her a lifetime of love and hope. A power that could only be divine.

Peggy Madison is Mary’s grandmother, a quiet woman who has spent her life praying for her granddaughter. Peggy clings to the belief that God has a special plan for Mary. Through years of sorrow and longing, Peggy walks the journey in faith and watches from a distance as one key person after another comes into Mary’s life and demonstrates the timeless, powerful love of the Master, the Savior. The divine Lord.

Emma Randall is a single mother fleeing an abusive relationship, wondering whether there is hope for her and her young daughters. She is desperate, broken, and unloved, tempted to commit the unthinkable. Then Mary Madison introduces Emma to the greatest love of all, greater than any either of them has ever imagined.

We live in an evil world today, one need only watch the evening news to realize it. Human trafficing blares from the headlines, children caught in the evil world of sexual abuse. The thieft of innocense, the physical and mental abuse. Exploited teens, abused women - where does it end? The Marys of this world work hard to show women only Jesus Christ can truly set them free, free from the demons of their past, and rewrite their future. Karen Kingsbury has written a gritty, heartrendering, story of a modern day Mary Magdalene, saved by the power of God, set free to show other women how to be free! Your heart will ache, you'll cry, you'll cheer this amazing story of grace!
I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan and look forward to reading each new book our series. I love being swept into the lives of her characters. I understand the reason this book was written the way it was, but I found myself feeling depressed, but uplifted. I'm going through a difficult time in my life right now as I have a temporary health condition that leaves me dependant on others to help me recover. When I saw this book in my library, I looked forward to a great, uplifting story. However, I found myself feeling depressed and frustrated with the dark content of this story. I can't watch tv shows like Law and Order SVU, for instance as I find the content of women being abused hard to watch and it makes me uncomfortable. That's the feeling I had with this read. I knew that the love of God would prevail, but the content was depressing and left me feeling bad instead of being engrossed in a story that was uplifting and meaningful. I'm very sorry that it was such a disappointment. I will not need as anxious to grab the next new book without a thorough review beforehand, I'm sorry to say. I did manage to get through most of the book, but our left me with a bad feeling.
Karen Kingsbury books are the best books ever and are safe and good for any age including children. My husband loves all her books also. They are the only books I know you can read over and over and never get tired of. You will want to keep her books forever. They all just speak to you in a mighty way and you feel like you know the people she writes about. The people she writes about feels like family. I can't get enough of her books and she can't write new ones quick enough.
This book is a hard book to read because if the nature if the story , however it is written so beautifully. The love of Jesus and the way he saves us is told in so many ways throughout the story!

This book is about love, forgiveness and hope. It's about what is right in front of us that we don't always see! This book touched my heart, made me cry and made my love of Jesus grow deeper!

This is the 2nd time I've read this book and I believe it is one of Karen's best.
This is a beautiful rendition of the story of Mary Magdalene. God's grace, forgiveness, and redemption are woven throughout the entire book. The first time I read it, it was so disturbing that I had to put it down for awhile. I picked it up again a few years later, reading it in its entirety.

This is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read because it shows us all how much God loves us and can use even the horrible things in our lives for His glory. God loves to put broken pieces back together into a beautiful masterpiece!
Divine is the heart-breaking story of a child, Mary Magdalene, who was "kidnapped" and used as a sex tool for profit. It is a difficult story to read because we "modern" people don't want to face the fact that such things go on in the world. Yet as we "walk" through the story with Mary's experience of being used as a sex tool, abuse,"rescue", self-image, self-worth, and finally victory in breaking free, she becomes the perfect tool of the LORD to help other girls/women who have gone through the same or similar experiences that there is always HOPE. God is always there in every page one reads! We don't always understand why people like Mary had to go through this experience, yet if Mary had not told her story, thousands of women would not have obtained the help they needed.

This story made me appreciate the fact that there are shelters for women who have been abused. Yes, women have won the right to vote, the right to make choices in her life, but in many places she still does not have equality due to the fact that she is just created differently!

Karen Kingsbury handled this story with her wonderful touch. It is a book I would recommend to get and see God working in anyone's life.
Before you buy this book you need to understand that Karen Kingsbury went beyond where she has not gone before, in "Divine." This is a heavy read concerning one girl's sexual abuse. I found it to be too graphic for me. My daughter, who is in her 30's and a Christian, thinks I'm too hard on Karen. I love Karen. She came to my home town, and I was priviledged to get to hear her speak. This review is not a personal attack on her. God is using her greatly.

I am guessing this book will minister to many who have been sexually abused, and give them hope for complete healing, because Karen has her own wonderful way of bringing a restorative conclusion to the story. Just check it out at a library, before buying..esp. if it is a gift for someone. And, contrary to what I had heard, this book is NOT about Mary Magdalene.
I gave this book a #4 rating because of Karen's excellent writing gift, and her heart to minister the love, forgiveness and healing power of Jesus.
I have read almost everything KK has ever written. This book spoke to my heart more than anyone I have ever read. If you are struggling with any situation read this book. It shows the struggles of everyday life, bad choices and consequences of those. But it also shows the answer to those situations. Jeremiah 29:11

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