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» » True to the Game II
True to the Game II


Teri Woods


True to the Game II


Literature & Fiction

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Paw Prints 2008-10-30; Reprint edition (October 30, 2008)




Genre Fiction

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True to the Game II by Teri Woods

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True to the Game II by Teri Woods
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True to the Game II by Teri Woods
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Finally reaching the end of this trilogy is bittersweet. While I'm ecstatic to finally know the fate of Quadir and Gena's love, as well as have some unanswered questions that built up within the first two books answered..... I'm sad to be at the end.

The characters in this trilogy force you to invest in them from page one of book one. The entire series embodies everything that classics are made of, so it's kinda hard to say goodbye. I'm aware that all good things must come to an end BUT that doesn't make it any easier to leave this book and move on to the my next read in cue. Gena, Quadir, Rik, Jerrell, Gah Git, The Twins, Gary, Viola, and so on will always and forever be memories of a true street lit classic that feels just like the first time each and every time I've read it.

My name is K Sherrie,
And I recommend this read
My favorite book series. When part 2 of the movie comes out. I hope they follow the book more. So many details left out of part 1.
It was a good book, but the previous two were better. I was disappointed how the book ended. I think she could have put a little bit more into it. All Quadir and Gena went through to be together for it to just have a bland ending. I would have wanted see more emotion from Quadir and Gena. I really wanted to see more from them in the whole book to tell you the truth!!
I was so excited to see that there was a sequel to one of the best urban dramas ever written. I'll tell you that this book will have you wanting more and more. Everything was crazy. Teri Woods did a amazing job with this sequel. A must read series
People really did not exaggerate when they said this book is good. For those of you contemplating on reading or not, trust me when I say READ IT!
I liked the first True to the Game book, and the second was okay it was interesting to say the least. This last one somewhat disappointed me. I understood what the author was doing and I think the story could have been really great. This book left me questioning a gang of things in the second book, by now everybody knows it was Quadir that saved her, well why in the world did it take so long, he'd could have been and got to her and explained the situation, he'd been following and watching her all that time and Jerrell wasn't with her 24/7. In this book Gena was even stupider than in the first one, I hated the way that she didn't seem to grow or mature really at all she was still some flashy hood chick worried about how she'd stay laced in Gucci and Gold, worried about herself. I liked the twist and turns and how she had to go through all that stuff, I just didn't like the fact that the author kept her in that stereotypical stigma of being this dumb tail girl. Then again, Quadir seemed just as air headed as her, so maybe they are a match made in heaven. And I agree the ending was not what I expected and I was very disappointed that she didn't go into more detail about their relationship. In all it was okay, the twist and turns were interesting not enough about the lead characters though, and the ending was very rushed and left you wondering how all of that even came about, but an okay book to read if your waiting in the doctors office or your cable is out lol, or your just plain ol bored. Get it from the Library though.
I read the paperback but the movie didn’t do justice for the original story so many memories read the book don’t watch the movie
Literally got through this book in one day! That's how drawn in I was to it! I was so happy about the ending, it definitely ended how it should have. I'll probably catch myself going back through all of the books, starting with part 1 to relive each story! Teri Woods truly knows how to create compelling stories with great character complexities that you'll either hate or love in each individual charter! I just wish that the recent movie stuck to the book. Could've been so much better!

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